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  1. speedwell

    What did you use today? +Rate the shave 1-10 (10 best)

    Muhle R41 with Ladas SS (terrible combination), Cremo Sandalwood (their only lathering option as far as I'm aware) applied with a WSP Silvertip and chased with witch hazel. Trying to use up some old inventory.
  2. speedwell

    Lather Bowls - Lets see em.

    I've got a couple of the Fine's as well and haven't been super happy. While the ridges and brush rest are useful, the bowl itself is too shallow (and perhaps a little to wide). Spillage becomes an issue with vigorous lathering. The bowl, however, is aesthetically pleasing.
  3. speedwell

    What's your soap for today?

    Martin de Candre (unscented).
  4. speedwell

    What's your soap for today?

    Musgo Real SS
  5. speedwell

    Rockwell 6S purchased from Amazon: (Marred Cap and Disappointing First Shave)

    Just received my 6S for Christmas and it had both black marks (which I was able to remove) but also hairline grooves on the sides of all three plates as well as similar marring on the safety bar of the 2/4 plate. Like L.A. Jones, I got mine from Amazon. Do I order a replacement from Amazon...
  6. speedwell

    Rocnel SE-G Reviews?

    Does anyone else have experiences with the SE-G to report? About a year ago (see earlier post), I received my first SE-G as a Christmas present and my problems are well documented. Shortly thereafter, I sent it back and received a replacement from Phil at BullGoose. Since then I enjoyed using...
  7. speedwell

    It shouldn't happen, but I had the best shave. Could someone explain?

    I like KW Driver's suggestion - why not just try a cold water shave and no electric pre-shave? You might be a cold water shaver and not know it yet.
  8. speedwell

    What Aftershave did you use today?

    Lucky Tiger.
  9. speedwell

    Rocnel SE-G (Stainless)

    I've had this razor for about a year and was wondering what others have experienced. While I liked it initially, my fondness wore off, and it was relegated to a minor role in my rotation. For me it's expensive, difficult to load/align and a mediocre performer. While I'm not entirely unhappy...
  10. speedwell

    One blade one shave?

    I like to use a blade until it starts to skip on hairs and draws some minor blood. At that point I know its dull beyond salvation.
  11. speedwell

    What are your Den rotation habits?

    Lately I've been all over the place but gravitating towards sticking with one razor for the duration of a blade. As a policy I will not swap a used blade into a different razor and I've cut back on having multiple razors (with different blades) in rotation. As for product, I've overstocked...
  12. speedwell

    The Feather's next of kin?

    Med preps, 7 O'C sharp edge, Bolzano are three there are up there for me.
  13. speedwell

    Which Slant should I get?

    If you can, try for an Ikon B1. Best slant I've used so far.
  14. speedwell

    More smooth and efficiency than a 34c razor?

    You can never go wrong with a Progress. Buy that, if only as a reference point, against which all others can be compared. The adjustability adds a new dimension that I wish I had thought about before I started buying slants and SE's.
  15. speedwell

    Brush overloading vs. Re-lathering

    I've done that as well, but to my second point, find the quality of the lather to be discernibly worse than if I "re-lather"
  16. speedwell

    Interesting brush tips from a famous italian barber shop

    I can't help but notice that at the end of the video, the shave didn't look very close.
  17. speedwell

    Brush overloading vs. Re-lathering

    I don't think you have to "mash" the brush into either the puck or your face to get good results. However, when you have a nice brush to use, it's hard not to put it through some paces - kinda like owning a sports car but never driving above the speed limit. My favorite form of expression for...
  18. speedwell

    Brush overloading vs. Re-lathering

    While I don't like to "waste" either, it's less about the dollars and cent of that and more about poor lather quality after my initial brush load/soap activation. I mostly face lather and what I find is that no matter how much product I load onto the brush initially, it invariably dries out...
  19. speedwell

    Dropped my Fine Lather Bowl, need replacement recommendations

    I have two Fine LBs and you can do better. Take a look at the ShaveBowl lather bowl as a potential replacement. Slightly more expensive at around $27 but it's a modular system that can be used as a lather bowl, razor and brush holder, puck storage and scuttle. Perhaps most importantly - it's...
  20. speedwell

    Brush overloading vs. Re-lathering

    I find the reload actually works best given my hard water. I've tried much of the excellent advice offered up by folks in this forum (starting with Marco's croap tutorial) and while many give me good results, the best results seem to come from re-lathering - which is not without it's own...