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  1. delisle

    Replating a DE razor

    I have a NEW Gillette razor that has a brass razor head that I want to replate in chrome or something not gold/brass. All of my gear is not gold and my custom razor handle has a chrome insert. I tried to trade this gold plated razor for a chrome plated or nickel razor head to no avail Does...
  2. delisle

    Five Brothers Smoking Tobacco

    I was looking around for some choices of stronger pipe tobacco and found Five Brothers Smoking tobacco. I am intrigued at this because it is reputedly very strong and very hard to find. Has anyone ever tried it?
  3. delisle

    delisle's Entry into the Hall of Fame

    Please allow me to introduce myself: Username: delisle What is your real name? Hank What are your nicknames/aliases? Frank, Henry, and that guy Where do you live? People's Republic of Kalifornia What is your age (or) generation? 29 What are you in the real world...
  4. delisle

    Want to start smoking a pipe

    The title says it all. I have been wanting to pick up a pipe for quite some time now but for the lack of funds I have not been able to pick anything up yet. I have alot of stuff to trade with but really no cash at the moment. Recommendations of what to look for?:confused1
  5. delisle

    Surrey Soap

    I was just looking at some Surrey soap on a barber supply site and was wondering if anyone has ever used it?
  6. delisle


    So I got a sample of the Russian blades Voskhod and Ladas razor blades from russianrazor.com. I have been using Medical Prep Personnas that I got in a trade recently and really like them, then I tried the Voskhod this morning and :w00t: I am officially a convert from the Medicals, well...
  7. delisle


    Can anyone give me an idea what Patchouli smells like? I keep on seeing it come up all over the place.
  8. delisle

    One soap for me....

    Okay here is my deal, I went a little crazy this month on shave creams and I will be putting most of them up on B/S/T forums when I have the post count and time served correct :thumbup: I need one soap, one great all around go to soap for a daily routine. I know opinions will vary, I just...
  9. delisle

    Just scored a custom DE

    Just ordered this great de razor from penmaker77 on Etsy. According to Jim, the shop owner it is a one of a kind razor he made for another customer and they backed out. One person's loss is my gain!
  10. delisle

    Bay Rum shaving cream

    I got in some artisan Bay Rum shaving cream yesterday. It came in a 8 ounce plastic tub and a label that read as such. I was initially worried about this cream because it's main ingredient is Olive oil and I have heard mixed reviews for shaving cream with olive oil. So this moning I did...
  11. delisle

    My first submission

    I saw a thread not too long ago about unusual shaving brushes and it set me to thinking. I am a DIY type guy and want to make some of these unusual shaving brushes. Here is my own creation, it is a 18mm best badger knot set into a high brass 12 gauge shotgun shell. The pictures are a little...
  12. delisle

    St. Lucia Bay Rum

    I just got in a bottle of St. Lucia Bay Rum, and I gotta say for my first purchase of bay rum, I like it! The SWMBO gave her nod of approval. It's in a nice green bottle, shaped like a beer bottle. I will post up more after use it as an actual aftershave.
  13. delisle

    Bay Rum shaving cream?

    I was just thinking how much I would like to have a some bay rum shaving cream but a cursory search here and on google netted me with literally nothing labeled as a bay rum scented shaving cream. Any suggestions?
  14. delisle

    C.O. Bigelow on sale!

    I just picked up three 1.7 ounce tubes of COB shave cream for $10.83 out the door. The full size tubes of are not on sale.