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  1. Psychofish

    Member made Bayrum?

    Who was the member who was making their own bayrum to sell? I seem to remember it had a pirate type story of no longer being a pirate and just making Bayrum that went along with it?:confused1 Anyone remember? Is he still making it, or did the alcohol police nip it in the bud?
  2. Psychofish

    Portland General Store Soaps?

    Has anyone used these soaps? The one I am really curious about is the whiskey scented soap. It says that base smell is ceder which I think would be a great fall or winter scent, mixed with some nice bayrum for a true festive shave.:001_tt1: Any yays or nays about the soaps?
  3. Psychofish

    Waterman Phileas

    I loaded this to the FB page so some may have already seen it. Anyways, my sister stopped at a garage sale on Saturday morning on a whim before coming over. She has snagged me a couple shaving items in the past, but she picked this up knowing I like fountain pens. Up to this point all I have are...
  4. Psychofish

    Todays Cold Water Shave = FAIL

    I've been enjoying cold showers for this past month (usually go as hot as I can stand and come out looking like a lobster!) and reading how a few of you had either been cold shaving for years or recently had begun I thought I'd try it as well. I took a nice shower, and began my shave as usual...
  5. Psychofish

    Anyone who worked "inside the walls?"

    Going on my fifth year working inside of a county jail. Its fun, but I can already tell I'm getting burned out a bit and will be up for a change very soon. Luckily our sheriff is in charge of about six or seven facilities so I can keep the same job, but a different view for a while. Anyone...
  6. Psychofish

    Leather and an Afternoon.

    I decided today that for my second of three days off I needed a project that would absorb the majority of the afternoon, and had a slight chance of producing something worth while (although most of the time it doesn't!). I then decided that the leather I bought a year ago on sale had to go. It...
  7. Psychofish

    killing time the fun way

    While my sister went off to the store tonight I was assigned to entertain my three year old nephew. I asked him what he wanted to do and he couldn't decide, he then says, "you didn't shave today huh?" I said I did, and he responded, "you need to again! Come on!" What followed is going to come...
  8. Psychofish

    Any hope to save?

    I recently discovered my great grandfathers collection of straight razors (as well as a couple newer safeties). The one that caught my eye is a Joseph Allen Medium Hollow that is pretty rough with . The blade edge has some "chattering" along it if you run the back of your finger nail across...