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  1. Borderboss

    Astra Superior Platinum testing

    I received a couple of tucks of Astra Superior Platinum blades in a sampler recently. Today was my first shave with one. I first stropped the blade as I normally do with all new blades, then loaded it into my 1957 Gillette Red Tip. My normal shave is 3.5 passes: the first down the face and...
  2. Borderboss

    How I strop a razor blade

    I'm playing with some new video equipment, so I thought I would make a video on how I strop a new razor blade. I have found that I get a much more comfortable first shave from a new blade if I strop it to remove any minute burrs from the manufacturing process. I hope you like the video. I'll...
  3. Borderboss

    Blade Review: Dorco Titan

    I'm working my way through a selection I received in a sampler. Today was the first shave with the Dorco Titan blade. With this shave, I used TOBS Sandalwood cream. As I do with all new blades, I strop them before their initial use to take care of any burrs left over from the manufacturing...
  4. Borderboss

    If I had to use only one shaving brush from now on, I would use......

    If I had to use only one shaving brush from now on, I would use the Rubberset 200-3. I have a bunch of shaving brushes in rotation. Most of them are vintage brushes that have been reknotted, while a few are custom turned wooden handles. I like them all, but I really like the Rubberset 200-3...
  5. Borderboss

    A "woodsy" morning shave: TOBS Royal Forest and Avon Deep Woods

    I rotate nine different shave creams and seven different vintage aftershaves. This morning, the pair that just happened to come up was TOBS Royal Forest shave cream and Avon Deep Woods aftershave. I thought it was somewhat coincidental to have an "all forest" kind of shave. The TOBS Royal...
  6. Borderboss

    What about using a shave stick over preshave oil?

    On a lark, I just picked up a shaving stick to give it a try. The only one the local shave store had was Derby, so it is what it is. But here's a question if anyone has any thoughts. I always put on a layer of preshave oil, then whip up lather in a scuttle and apply over the top of the...
  7. Borderboss

    Avon Leather

    After a recommendation to try Avon Leather by another member of this board, I picked up a 1980s-era NOS bottle, which arrived yesterday. Wow, this stuff is outstanding! It's much more "leather" than English Leather, which I also use in a vintage version. The Avon scent really comes across with...
  8. Borderboss

    How long before a boar knot stops stinking?

    I bought a new-in-box Rubberset (no number) that has a boar knot. I'm trying to do a 3-day break-in on the knot so I can start to use it next week. I've been soaking it in cold water since Friday, shampooed it once, and had conditioner on it three times. The smell is certainly reduced, but still...
  9. Borderboss

    AOS Shave Cream volume not what it seems

    There have been a lot of threads over the years about relative value of the different shaving cream brands and what gives you more for the money. I'm not looking to rehash that here. I just want to point out something I just learned about AOS shave creams and some optical illusions the company...
  10. Borderboss

    NOS Vintage Stanley Brush 169

    I'm excited that I just received a vintage Stanley 169 shaving brush and was able to confirm that it's truly NOS. I love using vintage brushes, but I'm especially happy when I'm able to luck into an NOS one so that I don't have to spend time replacing the knot before using it. I'm just going to...
  11. Borderboss

    Old School Shaving Brushes website shut down

    I'm so sad that I learned today that the website Old School Shaving Brushes has closed down. Jim Meyers's site was a go-to for me and I'm sure many others when researching vintage shaving brushes. It was a wealth of information and photos. Is there any other sites out there with similar...
  12. Borderboss

    Ever-Ready 1933 Calendar

    I really like to collect ephemera, because it was never meant to last long. I recently acquired this cool 1933 Ever-Ready calendar that's in near perfect condition. It's about 12-1/2 inches long by 3-1/4 inches wide. While the January page is toned from age, the other pages are still creamy...
  13. Borderboss

    Stropping a DE razor blade with leather - I'm a believer

    I started another thread a while back about being tired of getting hacked up with the first shave of a new blade, with the irritation and the weepers. It only happens on the first shave of the blade. It was suggested that I strop the blade, so I've been playing with that. As a point of...
  14. Borderboss

    Nicks and weepers with first use of a blade

    For years I've had an issue with new blades. It seems like 95%+ of the time my first shave with a new blade yields a bunch of weepers and nicks. The remaining three shaves with the blade (I use a blade for four shaves) are fine. Does anyone have the same experience? Any thoughts on how I can...
  15. Borderboss

    A reminder of why I love DE shaving over cartridge razors

    I've been shaving with DE razors for 6-7 years now, the last few years with my 1959 Fat Boy and just recently by adding a 1957 Red Tip. I use a rotation of TOBS, T&H, and AOS creams. However, due to travel needs, I will on occasion switch to a Mach III cartridge razor and Edge Gel in a can...
  16. Borderboss

    Great first Red Tip experience

    I recently acquired a 1957 Red Tip and 1952 Black Tip off of ebay for $20 total. I normally use a 1959 Fat Boy (set on 8) but wanted to try each of these as alternatives. When they arrived, they were both really gunked up, with the TTO mechanism being really gritty. After a variety of cleaning...
  17. Borderboss

    Walgreen vintage shaving brush

    I bought this last week from eBay because it attracted my attention. I'm assuming from the imprint that this is a Walgreen Drug house brush, likely made by one of the larger players. I've not done the research yet to see whose brush looks similar in configuration to try to determine who the...
  18. Borderboss

    How do you identify vintage Avon?

    I'm wondering how to identify vintage Avon versus recent production. Is the bottle or box marked in a certain way? Thanks!
  19. Borderboss

    Hardright brush restoration - anything special I should watch for

    I just picked up a Hardright brush that I want to restore with a new knot. I've never drilled out a Hardright brush before. Is there anything special I should watch out for that's different than brushes like Rubberset or Ever-Ready?
  20. Borderboss

    Brush collections - I'll show you mine, you show me yours

    In another thread, ZigZiglar asked about seeing brush collections. I thought I would start a thread where we could all post photos of our collections. I'll start with my 13 (currently) brushes. From left to right: Custom turned by Jim Roe of North Carolina from the cap from a 16oz bottle of...