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  1. EL Alamein

    What Fragrance or Cologne Smells Like Booster Mosswood?

    When I first smelled Booster Mosswood it smelled almost exactly like something my Dad wore in the seventies from Avon (a sensitive skin balm from what I remember - long gone). I like it a lot as well as being nostalgic. I'm looking a dead-ringer not something similar. Chris
  2. EL Alamein

    Chronik Razors

    Sorry for the late entry regarding these but lately I’ve been busy with Christmas, work and family. I have nothing materially to add to the analyses that have already been posted, I pretty much agree these razors are nothing special. I can only offer a retelling of my experience which lead to...
  3. EL Alamein

    Nov. Surprise: NYT to Reveal Iraq was on the verge of having a nuke

    The NYT will have a front page story tomorrow about a US government website that had the Iraqi nuclear program documents loaded onto it. The article (subscription required here...