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  1. genuinestyle

    Fine American Blend Aftershave

    Hello, I received the Fine American Blend Aftershave ( new shape bottle) I am not liking it. I read many threads saying it smells like Barbasol shave cream, to my nose it's not even close. So I'm getting rid of it. Located in Ontario, CANADA, $20. Thank you.
  2. genuinestyle

    Microscope DE blades examination.

    I no longer have to hear my wife say......"you bought it and you never use it", until now. I will be conducting a microscope blade examination on, never used, on the following blades GSB Permasharp -on order Wilkinson -germany Astra Sp Nacets I remember nick shaves did something like this...
  3. genuinestyle

    RR Game changer

    It is to be delivered on tuesday dec 4th by end of day. I searched blade gaps of de razors and was surprised to see (if this is indeed accurate): the Muhle/EJ =89 @ 0.76 mm gillette fat tech @0.67 gillette super speed no notch -- no info available gillette super speed 1954--no info...
  4. genuinestyle

    WOW, wife's gift for christmas

    She left me speechless, not sure how she pulled this off, but she is true to her heart. Not crazy about tabac ,, but i feel it might grow on me.
  5. genuinestyle

    stirling pre shave soap

    I purchased both the mentholated and non scented pre shave bar soaps. The results were absolutely impressive, applied and rinsed, then applied and face lathered right over with tabac soap, noticed a difference right away with my gillette 64 ss razor and gsb blade( 2nd use). this preshave soap...
  6. genuinestyle

    Tabac shave , 1st time

    the soap loaded up very nicely and quickly, post shave feels great, I was instantly in love with the scent, I do not have the aftershave so i used razo rorck tuscan oud. Should i get the aftershave? great first time shave with this soap, definitely a keeper thanks
  7. genuinestyle

    1950 super speed

    picked one up from ebay for 18 $ shipping +2.5 shipping, man ,,,i got the most incredible shave,, i used a GSB that had 2 shaves on it. I used old spice shaving cream, the 1950 ss just glides ,,,this beats my r89, fat tech, 64 slim and 66 ss, by a long shot,,, gonna buy another one.
  8. genuinestyle

    Muhle Kosmo brush - the one that u can unscrew and change brush head

    you can change the head by unscrewing them, i currently have the STF horn kosmo and have been itching to trying real badger. anyone have experience with them? brush: https://www.muehleusa.com/product/kosmo-muhle-silvertip-badger-shaving-brush-high-grade-resin-horn-brown/ head replacement...
  9. genuinestyle

    Antique store razor blade finds

    They all had dates written by hand...why?
  10. genuinestyle

    Wife surprised me with a travel bag

    Here it is....currently in NH
  11. genuinestyle

    Aqua velva original sport Glass bottle

    Well the pic says it all.. i think this is a suitable replacement for the plastic bottle, and it pours out perfect, the plastic always spills
  12. genuinestyle

    Proraso green

    Yesterday's shave,,,, fyi i am of italian heritage it annoys me to give up on proraso green,,, loaded it like I hate it, got a nice yogurt constiency, ( I use distilled water for all my soaps ) ,,, my cell phone rang talked for 10 min, when I when back to the den, the soap had dissipated...
  13. genuinestyle

    Stirling vs haslinger schafmilch

    i decided to shave half my face with stirling naked and smooth, and the other half ... yes haslinger schafmilch. prep was preshave proraso green and hot towel applied preshave rubbed into my beard for 2 min then rinsed, loaded each soap onto my face. R89 with a new GSB, this combo for me is...
  14. genuinestyle

    R41 candidate or adjustable

    Been using an R89 for 3 years, i usually do a 3 pass plus touch ups for bbs, the next morning my beard is rough, by midnight it feels like sand paper, i feel i have my technique quite respectable, and just recently stopped ATG on my chin area, i read a lot of threads on the r41 2011 and 2013...
  15. genuinestyle

    Grandfather's razor

    From what I have read about the super speed razors, this particular one a has "wings" at each end, so it makes it 1946-47 ?? I cleaned it up with a little dawn and a toothbrush
  16. genuinestyle

    Muhle Kosmo Brush

    I have the Silvertip fiber V2, but i was contemplating on getting .......I mean asking for the silvrtip badger replacement head ( it unscrews from handle), for fathers day. Am i missing anything, i have never used a badger brush. thanks:001_smile
  17. genuinestyle

    For newbies, free blades

    Tried these blades and they are not for me, so giving them away, 4 sets, 1 set wil have 2 extra blades 1 RAPIRA 1 Astra Sp 2 Lords- ( 1 set will have 3) 3 voskhod ( 1 set will have 4) These blades will ship from canada, will ship to canada and usa PM me with address
  18. genuinestyle

    Mail Call - FP - WOW!

    this is my 1st bottle of any Fine aftershave, a very big thank u to all the gents who speak highly of this as, the scent is remarkable, i just want to pour this over my whole body (LOL!!) the label lists all the ingredients, eu regulations dont know why the pic is posting horizontal position...
  19. genuinestyle

    I have decided the following,

    Realization: Proraso white will be passed onto my father in law: soap, pre shave cream, ASB Proraso green cream only , to my father in law. Cella in small tub, to my father in law Aftershave RR Stallion, love the scent- keeping Fine platinum ordered yesterday, ( tried a sample from maggards ...
  20. genuinestyle

    Muhle R89

    I've been de shaving for 3+ years now, and this razor since day one has been great for me, i just love it. thats all i wanted to say thanks:001_smile