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  1. JSuiters

    A new kinda can of worms

    I answered a question a few minutes ago on a different thread that got me wondering. When do we stop calling an artisan an artisan and just a manufacturer? I mean some of these guys, I can think of at least three or four off the top of my head, produce and ship a boat load of product. So I...
  2. JSuiters

    Need some advice

    I have one RazoRock mission razor and a Parker PT shavette. I really like and completely happy with my mission razor. I didn't like the Parker for the simple fact that I was spending an hour shaving with it and the shave wasn't as good as the DE. I did however enjoy the aspect of the straight...
  3. JSuiters

    Menthol Mondays

    OK I think I'm starting a new club. It will be called "Menthol Mondays". This is for the gent that needs a little wake me up on a Monday after fun filled weekend. You know the kind of weekend I'm talking about. So let me start this show off with a Razor Rock Mission DE razor with a Kai...
  4. JSuiters

    Hello From Texas

    My first post, just to say hey. I learned to shave with my fathers DE in the mid 70's. I got away from that and used multi-blades for years. I picked up the brush and soap about six years ago. I am limiting myself to three brushes; a pure badger, a boar, and synthetic. I have a Razor Rock three...