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    Bay Rum.. PAA or Barbary Coast?

    I have both of these in my Amazon cart but can't decide on which one to get.. I'm trying to pretend I don't have SAD...or I'd get both. Any thoughts? I really like the VIBR AS for the clove. Lucky Tiger Bay Rum AS which is quite light. I have some Stirling Bay Rum balm which is also clove-y. I...
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    Thanks, Sparki

    A while back, I sent @Sparki in Budapest an injector and a few blades to satisfy his curiosity about injectors. I made sure to send him the TwinBlades to really tempt him. It worked.. he's hooked and falling fast into the Injector Rabbit Hole and is an avowed SISSIE.. Welcome, Sparki, there's...
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    Prague online shop

    While searching for Clubman Pinaud shaving soap (inspired by the latest "Barbershop Scent" thread, I came across this website based in Prague. Not a wide range of products but some classics. Clubman @ ounce for 9.90 EURO.. compared to $5.95 from Clubman online.. not bad.. Rasierhobel...
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    Video inserts

    I've been trying to clip a bit of a DVD and insert it in the Shaving In Movies thread but I can't seem to get the silly thing to work. I'm using VLC2.0.0 on Win10 and, while I can get the clip from the DVD to my computer, I can't get it into the thread. I keep getting an "improper extension"...
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    bin ..
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    ***CLOSED***Active Duty and Veterans PIF***CLOSED***

    If you're in either of those categories, you qualify. Just post a message to say you're in and you're in. No minimum message restrictions or age restrictions and you don't even need to be "this tall" to get on the ride. Reserves. National Guard. Coast Guard....Any Country. Any Service. Winner...
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    Shopping in Munich

    My wife is here for a class this weekend so I did a bit of research on Shaving related shops in Munich. The only one I made it to, however, is The Pomade Shop on Blumenstrasse 3 by the Viktualienmarkt (outdoor food market). Would one of you Mods or Stews add this one to the Shopping Wiki...
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    I'm tired of getting sniped

    Once again, with 5 seconds to go, I got sniped on FleaBay for an OC Ball-end... Can anyone recommend a good and safe sniping program I can use myself?
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    My turn to ask.

    Another new contestant in “Guess That Razor” I picked up the razor on the left as part of a “Gentleman’s Shaving Travel Kit” of Fleabay England for $1.10…. plus I think about $10 shipping :mad3: The head is extremely light weight, almost like aluminum, but the handle is nearly a normal...
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    Cleaning the Razor Injector not the Injector Razor

    I got this little gem in the mail yesterday but did n't have good light until today to take pictures. The razor itself got a dip in a bath of dishsoap mixed with very dilute Scrubbing Bubbles. I was nervous about damaging the handle color so I did just a quick bath, light scrub and alcohol...
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    Coca Cola (not in the Mess Hall)

    It works for cleaning battery terminals. It works for tenderizing beef. Has anyone ever tried cleaning a razor with it? I have a feeling it would not be friendly to the finish on a gold tone. But it would likely get the gunk out of a TTO. What's your $0.02?
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    another test

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    Attention you 1700+ guests aka lurkers

    I just clicked "Who's Online" just for fun.... 101 members and 1700+ Guests..... If you're on the B&B and reading this post, you're obviously interested in improving your shaving.... Why not join and try to win free goodies.... :lol...
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    PayPal Seller Account Questions

    I have this really bad habit of bidding on stuff on FleaBay... then I win it and wonder what to do with it....:blush: For example, I got on an Old Spice mug buying binge and now have 6 or 7 including one with OS soap and box.... I've put 2 of them into use with a sample puck of Stirling Ben...
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    HI HO Siilver. AWAAAY

    Okay all you Silver Contributors and Silver WANNABES..... I'll be drawing for the winner of the 2, yes TWO, Haslinger Pucks La Toja Stick and Gillette Aristocrat TTO razor in a few hours.... Any last minute entries, here's you last chance..... A Silver Contribution is only $75 and goes...
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    PIF is Closing on Monday 13 June

    Gents and Ladies, If you want to do some good for the Badger & Blade and put yourself in a position to win a cased Gillette Aristocrat... You still have time to become a SILVER contributor and get signed up for this PIF...
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    video test

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    Attention New Guys Wanna win a Razor?

    All you have to do is become a SILVER Contributor and sign up for this PIF. Ends in just a few days but you still have time. Gillette Aristocrat, case, La Toja and your choice of 2, YES TWO, Haslinger pucks...
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    I'm Amazed and Impressed

    This group has to be the most generous bunch of Gentlemen and Gentlewomen on the Planet... I've lost track of how many various PIFs are running right now.. @dangerousdon's Vets and Active Duty PIF @matwho's Stahly Razor PIF @macnutty's Gem 1912 plus Mama Bear PIF @SteveWY's 5000th Post PIF...
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    Aristocrat PIF for Silver Contributors

    :a50: Silver Contributors PIF Remember when we had the Contributor’s Drive? Remember those drawing prizes? :blink: http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php/485382-And-the-Winners-are-Contributors-Drive I won the Gillette #66 at about the same time my wife outlawed used razors in my shaving...