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  1. AtomicPunk421

    Favorite razor

    Hands down my hybrid Fat Boy that received the Captain Murphy treatment. Nothing I have ever used compares in beauty or performance.
  2. AtomicPunk421

    No guard DE?

    Looks more like an assassin's weapon :shuriken:
  3. AtomicPunk421

    Giving the gift of wet shaving

    That's a great idea, and a very generous gift! Smart thinking!
  4. AtomicPunk421

    Extremely Sensitive Skin Shave Soap

    Can't forget Van Der Hagen unscented. Inexpensive and very effective!
  5. AtomicPunk421

    Schick injectors. What's your experiences, good or bad.

    I love injectors. I still struggle with the Schick Type E, but The G and L have worked extremely well. However, I prefer the heft and feel of a DE.
  6. AtomicPunk421

    New Baby PIF - Violet!

    Congratulations! When she cries, always soothe her. Studies show that parents who always attend to their crying children promotes good mental health, as well as forms strong bonds with their parents. It builds trust.
  7. AtomicPunk421

    found today , My grail of OS

    Awesome stuff! Enjoy!
  8. AtomicPunk421

    Happy Birthday to me PIF

    Hope you have a very happy birthday! I'm in. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say a Schick Type L Injector. I would bring you Bay Rum, because what smells better in December than bay leaves with hints of cinnamon!
  9. AtomicPunk421

    Most forgiving razor blades

    I really love Derby blades. In my humble opinion and experience, they are not only forgiving, but consistently last about six shaves. The shaves they provide compared to Shark and Wilkinson Sword (Black) blades are smoother, more comfortable, and always have far less irritation.
  10. My Ideal Setup

    My Ideal Setup

    Hybrid Gillette Fat Boy (Tuned-Up by Captain Murphy) Omega Boar Bush TOBS Mr. Taylor's Shaving Cream Vintage Old Spice Shulton Aftershave
  11. My Ideal Setup

    My Ideal Setup

    Hybrid Gillette Fat Boy (Tuned-Up by Captain Murphy) Omega Boar Bush TOBS Mr. Taylor's Shaving Cream Vintage Old Spice Shulton Aftershave
  12. AtomicPunk421

    Captain Murphy is "The Bomb"

    Another shout out to the Cap, as he just fixed up my precious Fat Boy. Here's to a talented man who's level of generosity is just as high as the quality of his work. Thanks again Cap!
  13. AtomicPunk421

    Christmas PIF

    I'm in! Mine was my first guitar. I've now been playing for 8 years and killin' it! Thanks for the generous opportunity!
  14. AtomicPunk421

    Win a Merkur HD Gold (34003) From Shavetools.com This Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    I'm in! The iKon standard head bulldog and Merkur Progress starter kit are very tempting!
  15. AtomicPunk421

    PIF from former PIFs, plus extras

    I'm in! What a gorgeous set! Thanks for the chance!
  16. AtomicPunk421

    Anyone use vintage injector blades?

    I have a ton of new old stock Schick Twin Blades given to me by my uncle. They are super sharp, last a long time and shave great!
  17. AtomicPunk421

    Gillette Fat Handled Tech - my all-time favourite DE (pic heavy)

    I just got a US nickel plated fat handle prewar Tech. I like it so much better than my US postwar ball end.
  18. AtomicPunk421

    How many good shaves for 1 blade(DE)

    I usually stop after 6. I have only used three blades: Wilkinson Sword (Black), Shark Super Stainless, and Derby Extra. In my opinion, the Derby Extras are the smoothest and last the longest.