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    Gillette Trac II (and equivalent) Carts?

    I have Trac II carts from the US, from Mexico, and from Poland. I have seen GII carts from Spain and from Germany, and PII (7 O'clock) carts from India (also Wilman [Gillette-Wilkinson?]). Is there a consensus on which blades are sharper, smoother, longer-lasting? I am asking about Gillette...

    WTB WTB/WTTF UFO Colibri 77mm

    If you have begun to find the 77mm Colibri just too small, I have the 80mm Colibri (with, of course, case and certificate). If you are up for a different trade, I have a BRW Bullmastiff or a Stork SS Aristocrat. There is, as always, cash. Let me know what you need. Tom

    WTB Or Trade for Shapeways Spitfire or Hurricane

    Anybody have one that just isn't doing it for you? I would like to try one. I have some 50s and 60s Techs that are just sitting here. Tom

    FS Tech Tock, Time to Go, Techs & Brushes

    Techs and other safety bar razors, as well as natural fiber brushes. I just don’t shave with safety bar razors anymore, so out they go. Same with natural fiber brushes. The first eleven razors are all $15 each, the next five are as marked. I will pay shipping and PayPal fees and toss in a...

    WTB WTTF: Vintage Wilkinson Blades

    I am looking for either or both of these NOS packs of USA packaged Wilkinson blades (must have hang card): I have vintage blades to trade - there are four blades left in the P74* Plus pack, and three left in the Schick Plus Platinum pack. Upper right corner are Made in England Personna...

    1969/70 Gillette Platinum DE Blades?

    What do you know about them? As good as the later ones? Tom

    Gillette Copper-Colored Brass Caps

    When did Gillette move to the three-piece razor cap alloy that looks "red" instead of "yellow"? My (admittedly small sample) observation has been that the change occurred in the '30s; later NEWs and Techs can be found with the copper-colored metal under their worn plating. I have seen yellow...

    FS Lot of 4: New Improved Tuckaway, Short Comb, Long Comb, Goodwill

    Just took a big loss on some uninsured razors lost in the mail. Need some cash flow, so a few old favorites are shaking loose. Four old Gillettes – Late 20s New Improved (no serial number) Tuckaway, Post Merger Short Comb NEW, Long Comb NEW, and Goodwill. Some plate loss on each of them...

    WTT:50 Personna Med Preps for 40 Kai DE Stainless Steel

    50 of my Personna "Hospital Use" (Med Prep) blades for 40 of your Kai Stainless Steel DE blades. Med Prep price per hundred at Amazon is $35 http://www.amazon.com/Personna-Prep-Double-Razor-Blades/dp/B002MC0RXE and at West Coast Shaving, $32...
  10. TADIII

    WTB/WTTF: UFO Handle for FaTip

    Anyone have a UFO handle that Raphael threaded for a FaTip head that you don't need anymore? Let me know your price, or I have (among other things) a UFO Tornado with regular threading, a NEW Deluxe (15mm) in a pretty ragged red & black case, a D4 Fatboy with a rhodium plated handle, a gold-tone...
  11. TADIII

    WTS: Gillette Senator & Fatboy

    Sold! 1938 or 39 Senator has the dropsies (but will tighten down and shave perfectly). And has fleabites on the doors. Some brassing on the handle. Candidate for replating. 1959 E1 Fatboy about 60% paint remaining in the numbers. All positions click firmly. Last quarter turn works fine...
  12. TADIII

    WTT: My CooncatBob Improved for Your UFO Kaiser Short

    I love having this handle; I love looking at it, but at 95mm it is about 10mm too long for my comfort. I don't use it but someone should! I do not intend to sell it, but would like to trade it for the UFO Kaiser Short. I tried this last month for a Colibri, but it looks as though they are all...
  13. TADIII

    WTT: My CooncatBob Improved for Your UFO Colibri

    I love having this handle; I love looking at it, but at 95mm it is about 10mm too long for my comfort. I do not intend to sell it, but would like to trade it for the UFO 80mm Colibri (although if pressed I would consider the 77mm, too). I would also consider the Kaiser Short in stainless...
  14. TADIII

    A Wilkinson Conundrum

    From January of 1966 until the summer of 2013 most of my shaving was done with a Gillette Slim and a Wilkinson blade. A couple of times in the 80s and 90s I was in a position to take advantage of a drug store going out of business and buy at great discount hundreds of Wilkinson stainless steel...
  15. TADIII

    New Deluxe: A Tale of Two Auctions

    I recently wrote about razors I had tried to love but couldn't. One was a New Deluxe. Lots of people seem to like them best of all, and I received several replies (including PMs) stating such. So, I thought I would ask about two eBay auctions I watched recently and seek some insight. Neither...
  16. TADIII

    DE Razors I Have Tried Hard to Love

    Razors I have tried hard to love but failed: New Deluxe, New Short Comb, Senator, Goodwill with New Guard and Old 162 cap. I loved finding these razors, I love looking at them, but I just don’t love shaving with them. I just finished with a 1934 Gillette New Deluxe: four shaves with a Bleue...
  17. TADIII

    1st Anniversary of My Descent Into Madness

    A quick recap of the past year: I discovered B&B, found out I didn’t know I needed a Fatboy (or three! so I got three! one with a rhodium handle!), and made a sudden, wicked turn at open-comb razors one month later. Elmerwood found a wonderful, little Old Type that may or may not be a Feather...
  18. TADIII

    The Gillette Goodwill Bad RAD

    So when the weather got warm in FL we went up to the WNC mountains. I brought a New with a stainless steel handle, a Slim, and a Tech. Then, somehow, a Long Comb fever came over me. This was not a normal RAD; it was sudden and irrational, and over almost before my wife could intervene (though...
  19. TADIII

    Update From Justin Griest

    I received the following from Justin Griest regarding his razor handles. I didn't see it referenced anywhere else, so I am repeating it here: "Sorry for the long overdue update. It took us longer to get settledin Texas than I originally thought but we are settled in now in agreat house.I...
  20. TADIII

    How I Spent My Summer Vacation and Found B&B

    I wondered how to begin this, but will just say, “You all have cost me a little money!” I live in east central Florida but summer in western North Carolina. Lots of rain here this summer (part of the Blue Ridge Parkway is closed due to “slope failure” precipitated by the precipitation)...