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  1. shipr

    Rubberset Turnback Brush

    Has anyone restored one of these metal Rubberset turnback brushes before? Not sure what the model number is or when they would have been sold. Its all metal and the Rubberset name is embossed on the side -- they sure made some nice brushes. The knot came out fairly easily. The top is so small...
  2. shipr

    EverReady 150E Restore

    Hey gents. I'm looking for some friendly advice for my next restore project. I really liked the overall look and feel of this brush. It feels pretty solid so I think that it would restore well. It will easily take a 22mm knot when done & maybe 24mm with some work. The only issue is that...
  3. shipr

    British date codes

    Quick question about date codes. From what I understand the British-made Gillettes didn't follow the US date codes. So how do they work? I didn't see anything in the wiki unless I missed it. I picked up a British tech that I know is from the early 70's but it also has S P stamped on the base...
  4. shipr

    Blue Tip love

    I'm about to chronicle my adventures with the Gillette Blue Tip I recently received. Reading up on the Blue Tip in the shavewiki suggests that its a mild shaver once favored by the ladies. The handle is light, and initially it feels a little top heavy. This one happens to be an A 2; so...
  5. shipr

    first handle attempt

    I've been wanting to restore a handle for a while now, but I haven't been lucky enough to fine one. Then the other day I found an old screwdriver with a broken tip that was headed for the trash. The handle was covered in paint and either grout or concrete. I cut the end off with a hacksaw so...
  6. shipr

    Lapping advice

    I have an old stone that's marked Japan on the end. As you can see its in serious need of flattening. I tried sandpaper and it was working but the sandpaper gets clogged too fast. I think sandpaper will work great once its fairly close to flat. Is there a better way to grind it down? Also...
  7. shipr

    My first shave!

    So after a few weeks here I finally took my first DE shave over the weekend. I am using a SS flaretip (A1) with a shark chrome blade. (big thanks shavervinnie!) :001_smile After my shower I prepared with some barbasol and my hand (I know, I know... je peigne la girafe) The first time was...