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  1. Hoka Hey

    Death. I’m against it.

    My best friend died in slow motion a month ago. Another friend, her house burned to the ground,about a month after her husband died. Same time frame. I have found myself managing 2 estates, neither which are mine. One is complicated, but easy. I know what he wants. The other is a pain...
  2. Hoka Hey

    And Now For Something Completely Different....Titanium!

    Stork Titanium handle, Shavemac 24mm X 48mm 2 band do-1 knot. Couldn’t resist. Love the shape, and hadn’t tried this particular Shavemac knot yet.
  3. Hoka Hey

    A Gift From Ken At Paladin

    I’ve been wanting to tell this story for awhile. Back in July of 2017, on a slow Sunday, I happened on one of Ken’s brush making threads. Brushology: On Knot Depth-of-Set, Loft, and Conformation The forum was pretty dead, as is likely to happen on a summer Sunday afternoon. I think to generate...
  4. Hoka Hey

    3rd Wave Sock Coffee

    I’ve recently decided to up my coffee game. Got an SCAA approved brewer, an Espro French Press, and just a few days ago found a 6 cup Bialetti Moka pot at Goodwill for 4.00. I’ve begun trying different beans in my Mr. Coffee burr grinder with varying levels of success. I’ve struggled to get a...
  5. Hoka Hey

    Help Choosing A New Coffee Maker

    Howdy folks! Strangely enough I’ve been looking at coffee makers recently, with the thought of getting something better than our present Mr. Coffee. My coffee has been “off” the last couple weeks. Thought it might be a bad bag of beans, but discovered the cause this morning. The water heater...
  6. Hoka Hey

    French Press or Pour Over?

    Which do you prefer? Looking to up my coffee game at least a little. I did pour overs for years, but that was years ago. I had a nifty cone unit that sat right on top of my thermos. Little experience with French Press. I had one, but used it little. To many grounds due to wrong size grind. I...
  7. Hoka Hey

    Adventures in High End Razors - Charcoal Goods

    I’ve long been a confirmed vintage razor enthusiast, but I’ve always paid attention to what’s going on in the modern world. Originally my interest in vintage razors was primarily economic. In general, they are cheap. You can easily buy 5-10 vintage Gillette razors for the price of one high...
  8. Hoka Hey

    Suggestions for Soft Watchband

    Howdy all. I recently bought a Ball Hydrocarbon with a stainless band. Love the watch! It’s been keeping exceptional time. Here’s the problem. I work in a warehouse. For the most part, I supervise, with only occasional physical labor. I went in today as thanks to the blizzard we were short...
  9. Hoka Hey

    The Unofficial Most Entertaining Post Of The Week Thread

    Every once in a while, I’ll run across a post that just makes me smile. It’s usually buried deep in a thread that possibly only a few folks are following anymore. This thread is to share some of these gems with a wider audience as they come up. Suggested format is to copy and paste the thread...
  10. Hoka Hey

    Do Replated Razors Shave Smoother?

    I recently got a replated NEW Deluxe on a Stork handle from Chris at Razorplate. One thing I noticed almost immediately is that it shaves a bit smoother than it did before. It’s not a quantum leap, but definitely noticeable. My thoughts are that there is probably more than one reason for...
  11. Hoka Hey

    I’m Looking For a Good Value Tough Watch

    Howdy folks! I haven’t worn a watch in a few years. Last one was a Luminox Field automatic with a decent ETA movement. Loved the tritium vials on the face, as I was working and driving a lot at night. It was also my first watch with a Sapphire crystal. Loved the durability. It lasted about 15...
  12. Hoka Hey

    Sudsy Soapery Rose and Black Pepper - First Impressions

    I’ve long been a fan of Sudsy Soapery. The Rose and Black Pepper was released Monday, and sounded intriguing. I got my order in early in the morning, and received it around noon today. That’s pretty quick! On first opening the tub, the scent is a gentle, very natural Rose. No hint of Pepper...
  13. Hoka Hey

    Meet The New Black - Black Krome!! First Pics.

    I’ve been considering re-plating a couple rough looking early Aristocrats for awhile, and was thinking of doing something a little different. Black, or a combo black/ gold, something a little creative. By chance, I asked Chris at Razorplate for his thoughts on black nickel. He explained that...
  14. Hoka Hey

    Post a Picture of your Squat Bulldog

    Hi folks. I’m going to take a shot at carving a squat bulldog. I was hoping to get some pictures for inspiration! I know there’s a few gorgeous examples amongst our BL brethren. If you’d be so kind, Post them up! Here’s the potential victim of wood butchery.
  15. Hoka Hey

    1934 Gillette Aristocrat Adjustable!

    Ok, this is not some newly discovered historical unobtainum. I’ve been on an Aristocrat kick the last 2-3 months. I can blame @bobmsp, who graciously loaned me a few English Aristocrats and a Popular a few months back. I’ve since got a #15, and #19. I’d always wanted to try a 1934 Aristocrat...
  16. Hoka Hey

    Any recommendations for a Pipe making kit?

    All right, winter is seriously setting in, and it’s time to take a crack at making a pipe. Looks like Vermont Freehand and Mark Tinsky offer pre drilled kits with fitted stems. That takes care of the majority of machine work. Any preference one way or the other? I want to try and make...
  17. Hoka Hey

    Any Thoughts On Storybook? Chattilon Lux collaboration

    I’ve been following Chattilon Lux, and their various collaborations with soap makers. Only have the L&L Champs De Lavande, but really like it. Missed out on the Sudsy Soapery collaboration. Ordered the Storybook Soapworks collaboration, La Foret De Liguest, a Fougre. Anybody tried any of their...
  18. Hoka Hey

    Quick Clean of a Meer?

    Hi folks. I recently received a Meerschaum from @shave/brush, and was thinking of doing a quick cleaning before the Herf memorial for @bryant tomorrow. Any suggestions? Thanks! Mark
  19. Hoka Hey

    Bones Lightning, Caution: High Voltage!

    I was looking at the Bones page, and ran across a reference to a “lightning finish” available for an extra 20.00. Will also be available on Morgan pipes. No pictures on the site, but a quick google search turned up these: Kind of cool, especially on the smooth finish cigar pipe. Apparently...
  20. Hoka Hey

    Anyone Making Their Own Pipes?

    I came across this thread: The Official Carve Your Own Pipe exhibition thread Some very nice pipes in there. Last post was 18 months ago. Curious if anyone has continued, or taken up pipe making. I'm seriously thinking of giving it a try.