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  1. ateace

    Thanksgiving PIF

    This is a holdover from the St. Sue auction and a token of my HUGE thanks to all who organized and participated. This is a PIF of 100 Shark Super Stainless blades in unopened condition. Completely intact on display card and in original plastic wrapping. To be included, simply reply here and...
  2. ateace

    Shaving on the battleship New Jersey

    I took a tour of the USS NEW Jersey BB62 today (Camden, New Jersey). On one of the crew bunks, several items were laid out as examples of what a sailor from the Viet Nam era might have had in his possession. Of course, the shaving gear caught my eye. The razor was a Gillette Slim adjustable...
  3. ateace

    PIF - Razor Boxes - '40s Tech Box and 1949 Shick 66 box w/ paper & dispenser CONUS

    Hello, B&B - As I'm not much for collecting anything original packaging or accessories, I am offering two boxes. 1.) Schick "66" Injector box. I believe the 66 model was produced in 1949. The box is missing the bottom tab. You also get the instructions plus the original dispenser, which may...
  4. ateace

    PIF - one five-pack of current German Wilkinson Sword blades (black dispenser) CONUS

    If you're interested in trying out, or adding to your stash of, these current German Wilks, here's your chance. The first CONUS member to PM me and provide a mailing address gets them! Good Luck!
  5. ateace

    PIF - new, unused Gillette 7 O' Clock DE razor (metal head) and Trumper cream samples

    >>>CONUS only, please<<< Hello, members ---- I just had a much-needed lazy weekend at home and it put me in a giving mood. The razor is from India. I did remove it from its blister package, but I never used it. There are no markings anywhere on the razor. It has the long, black plastic...
  6. ateace

    Preakness "Spoiler" PIF

    Hello, everyone -- Here's a PIF to go along with tomorrow's Preakness Stakes. Orb will be running tomorrow in an attempt to have a chance at capturing the Triple Crown later on in the Belmont Stakes. In this PIF, you'll be choosing the horse that will beat Orb tomorrow, spoiling his chance...
  7. ateace

    Follow along on this Triple Crown PIF

    In a previous PIF, member LouSee picked Orb to win the Kentucky Derby and he came away with some Derby blades (thanks to member tadas). Orb is set to run in the Preakness tomorrow and I thought it would be fun to stretch this PIF as far as it (or Orb) will go. So, if Orb wins tomorrow, I'll...
  8. ateace

    My "enter" key is not funcioning on this site

    I am typing a line of nonsense here just so I can press the "enter" key to see if it brings the cursor to the next line. Here I go: Nope.
  9. ateace

    Barber shop in New York just opened today

    This shop has taken over one of the ever-changing storefronts on 23rd Street, near 7th Ave. As luck would have it, I passed it on the way to New London Pharmacy to check out their discount shelf (thanks to member Baby Dials). I ducked in to ask the proprietor some questions. He does do...
  10. ateace

    Finally understanding the Weishi

    This is my third go-round with these razors. The last time was only a month ago, and one member benefitted from my PIF of a gunmetal 9306. My efforts to get a good shave - scratch that - any shave out of a Weishi were always in vain. Plus, there are many threads and comments talking about...
  11. ateace

    question for those who avoid products with long ingredients list

    For those of you that have concerns over toxicity or contamination of some ingredients (triethanolamine, SLS, BHT, parabens, fragrances, etc.,) - which products have you found that you are comfortable using?
  12. ateace

    PIF - another to celebrate my five years here at B&B - Weishi gunmetal

    Hello, Gents -- I joined B&B back in March of 2008 and I never imagined that I would still be interested in being here. But here I am, thanks to you supportive, friendly and fun members. So, on to the PIF. I offer the Weishi TTO. This one is the cool gunmetal finish and it comes in the...
  13. ateace

    Has anyone had cross-threading problems with the DE89?

    The other day, I was trying to disassemble my DE89 to change the blade and it the threads became crossed and the whole thing jammed up. I was unable to separate the head from the handle and trying to put the head back fully onto the handle was futile as well. Have any of you experienced this...
  14. ateace

    PIF to celebrate 5 years at B&B CONUS

    Hello, gents --- A few days ago I marked my fifth anniversary here at B&B. To celebrate and say "Thanks", I'm offering a brand new Weishi razor to a lucky member with an address in the continental USA. It has the original box and handy travel case. This is the 2003-M version, which is...
  15. ateace

    PIF - to mark 3,000 posts - CONUS, please.

    Happy Holidays, everyone -- I've been a member here for almost five years now, and I just hit the 3,000 post milestone. To celebrate this, I have put together a PIF of several random pieces of shaving gear. No rhyme or reason - these have been sitting around and I now offer them to B&B...
  16. ateace

    Possible incoming from India

    So the other day, I was at work and had to displace someone from his office for a few minutes while I did a quick repair. He's a very nice guy and he mentioned that he was going to spend the rest of December plus January in his home country, India. After a few minutes, he asked if I would...
  17. ateace

    PIF - Blue Seal straight on very rough shape

    Hello, straight shavers. I'm a DE guy, so it's nice to stick my toe in the waters of the straight shavers forum. A beat up, old Blue Seal straight came into my posession and I have no desire to start a new AD, so I offer it to you gents. To my eye, it's strictly for display or restoration...
  18. ateace

    Does anyone have experience with the Gillette Sterling?

    I checked the reviews, but I couldn't find one on this razor. It's Gillette's current production version of the Tech, with a metal head that looks chrome plated. Obviously not marketed here in the U.S., but intended for markets where users still rely on DE. The handle is a long plastic one...
  19. ateace

    First shave with Tuckaway.....rust!!!

    I cleaned up the Tuckaway that came from my late father-in-law and it came out looking great. I used it for the first time this morning and when I had a look at the razor earlier tonight, a lot of rust had developed. I guess the head design has something to do with it. I'll clean it up again...
  20. ateace

    Seeking advice on cleaning vintage Gillette cases

    I'm just starting the process of cleaning some DE gear that was given to my by my wife's mother. There are two old Gillette cases that I'd like to clean up, but I don't know how to proceed. One is a silver plated Tuckaway case. The outside should be easy, but I'd like to get the purple velvet...