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  1. AtomicPunk421

    Fat Boy Adjustment Issue

    So my Fat Boy is not perfect, but I still love it. On settings 5-9 I can tighten it down with a quarter turn and shave away. I only use settings 5 and 7 anyway. However, from settings 1-4, the doors will not lock down and knob will not turn anymore. My theory is that it just is not calibrated...
  2. AtomicPunk421

    More ingrown hairs than usual.Why?

    I barely ever got ingrown hairs. I have shaved the same way for a couple of years, and have even improved my technique. I go WTG, XTG, and XTG in the opposite direction. Never ATG. I only noticed this when I started using a Fat Boy. Other than that, same creams, soaps, brushes, and blades. Could...
  3. AtomicPunk421

    New Found Respect and Admiration for GEM Bullet Tip Micromatic

    I have the safety bar version of the Bullet Tip Micromatic. I never really likely the way it shaved. It seemed to consistently be very harsh. I was even considering selling it to make space in the den. Well, I gave it one more shot, but made an adjustment to my angle, holding it ALMOST flat...
  4. AtomicPunk421

    Gillette Fat Boys not doing it for ya?

    I'll be the first to say that the Fat Boy is my favorite razor in my arsenal. I do hear a lot of bad reviews regarding this razor, and Gillette adjustable razors in general. If this applies to you, what is it about them that doesn't work for you? What other adjustable razors, vintage or modern...
  5. AtomicPunk421

    I hear that Persona Lab Blue Blades are Sharper than Feathers

    Personna Lab Blue Blades are made right here in the USA so I definitely wanna give them a try. I've heard great things, and that they're even sharper than Feather blades. Thoughts and experiences on the Lab Blues? (Please excuse the spelling error in my title)
  6. AtomicPunk421

    Gillette Aristocrat Agressiveness

    Compared to the 1-9 settings on a Fat Boy, which number would the solid bar TTO Aristocrat be?
  7. AtomicPunk421

    Your thoughts on Wilkinson Sword (Black)

    I started out using the black-cased Wilkinson Sword razor blades. They're made in Germany and seem like pretty high quality blades. However, I found them to be very inconsistent. people rave about WS blades, but I just don't think they're all that great. I find some to be very sharp, and others...
  8. AtomicPunk421

    Maintaining a Daily Shaving Razor's Beauty?

    Does using a razor daily actually keep it clean? Does it cause the finish to dull/ tarnish overtime? Any ways to preserve the razor's beauty and mechanical functionality? (Specifically a Fat Boy)
  9. AtomicPunk421

    Gillette Fat Boy: Go Big or Go Home! First Time on 9

    My first ever Gillette Fat Boy came in the mail today in beautiful condition. It's an E4 from 1959 with out any brassing and a lustrous shine from its original nickel plating. After some minor cleaning and a sterilizing bath in rubbing alcohol it was shave ready. After a long 11 hour work day...
  10. AtomicPunk421

    Cleaning Gillette Fat Boy without disassembling it?

    I just scored a E-4 1959 Fat Boy for a great price on eBay! When it gets delivered, I want to clean it up and sterilize it. What it the best way to thoroughly clean the internals and entire razor WITHOUT disassembling it?
  11. AtomicPunk421

    Cold Water Shaving

    I've heard that there are many benefits when it comes to cold water shaving. I really want to give it a try, although I am apprehensive. The cold water is supposed to somehow make the razor cut the hair more cleanly, and help the skin be more resistant to irritation. Anyone ever try this?
  12. AtomicPunk421

    Vintage vs. Modern Safety Razors

    Do you prefer using vintage or modern safety razors? What are your opinions on the pros and cons of both types? I have only used vintage razors and I love them, however I would like to try some modern ones too.
  13. AtomicPunk421

    Memories from your first time wet shaving

    Let's hear your memories! I always hated using Gillette fusions, but that was the fad of my generation back in high school and college. I remember finally becoming fed up with them and asked my uncle for advice. That probably was not a good idea because he probably does 6 or 7 pass shaves with...
  14. AtomicPunk421

    TOBS Sandalwood too harsh?

    I love TOBS shaving creams, but for some reason the sandalwood seems to irritate my face rather than cushion it while shaving. If I combine a little of the cream with a soap then it's fine, but on it's own I feel like it's very harsh. Anyone else have this issue?
  15. AtomicPunk421

    The Italian Barista!

    In Italian and Italian-American culture, a cup of coffee is not just a drink or caffeine fix. It is a social event; a time to sit down with family and friends to just talk and enjoy life. But let's face it, the coffe has gotta be good too! So in this thread, show us the way you make your coffee...
  16. AtomicPunk421

    Stropping Razor Blades with a Power Drill and Rubber Cork (YRMV)

    My simple, easy, effective and efficient way to strop single edge and double edge blades. Your results may vary, but I hope this helps. I wish you good luck and a great shave! * I'm not responsible for any damages or injury
  17. AtomicPunk421

    Show Us Your Shave Cave

    My Shave Cave
  18. AtomicPunk421

    Custom Schick Injector Handle

    I love my Eversharp-Schick Type G Injector, but it was definitely overdue for an upgrade. I replaced the stock, ivory celluloid ribbed handle with a lustrous, emerald-green bakelite handle. My razor gleams with elegance and class, and I could not be happier with the results. Here is my new and...