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  1. 5savages

    Namiki Vanishing Point - Didn't realize what this was worth!

    After reading some posts here about fountain pens a couple of years ago, I started getting interested in getting one (or several). Coincidentally about that same time, a coworker advertised a fountain pen for $10. I responded and she said it was one her ex-boyfriend gave her when she graduated...
  2. 5savages

    Any Clay Target Shooters?

    Trap? Skeet? Sporting Clays? 5-Stand? I'm a casual trap shooter. I shoot summer and winter leagues with my two sons (we were out in 11°F temps shooting Sunday) and I also am the assistant coach for my older son's high school trap shooting team. In only the first year of existence, his team...
  3. 5savages

    I think I lost my tube of CO Bigelow!

    My son just turned 17 and has been shaving for just over a year. I set him up with a Gillette Slim, Personna Super blades, badger brush, and a tube of RSC shaving cream. He was willing to go with a DE setup (i told him if he wanted cartridges, he'd have to pay for them himself!), but has no...
  4. 5savages

    NOS Walgreens Super + Platinum

    I cam across 5 packs of these yesterday. At $1 per pack, and being platinum, I had to buy them in case they were something special. Anyone ever heard or used them? From looking around the interwebs, and using the "Vydax" coating as a hint, these appear to be made around 1974 by American...
  5. 5savages

    What crazy prices have you seen?

    Let me start out by saying I'm not interested in crazy Ebay prices. We know they're there and we can all see them. What I'm interested in are the crazy prices you've seen at flea markets, antique stores, craigslist, etc. Extra points for pictures. I don't have a picture of it, but the...
  6. 5savages

    Provence Sante Green Tea Shave Soap $6.99 (Free shipping w/ Shoprunner)

    30% off for a fantastic french veggie shaving soap at drugstore.com: http://www.drugstore.com/provence-sante-mens-green-tea-shaving-soap/qxp401576 If you have shoprunner, shipping is free.
  7. 5savages

    Reconditioning an old boar brush

    I bought a nice NOS Mohawk shaving set (Seen here) that included soap, a bowl, and a boar brush. My original intent was to reknot the brush but since it's NOS, I decided to try to use it as is. My gave it a long soak and tried it out on a puck of Calani. I didn't go hard at it but was...
  8. 5savages

    RazoRock's new soaps are in!

    XXX (tallow) - 125ml for $10 ABCBA - 300ml for $20 (limited qty) Chistmas in Tuscany - 300ml for $20 (limited qty) Go get 'em!! http://www.italianbarber.com/new-products
  9. 5savages

    VDH Deluxe for 99¢ at Rainbow Foods (Minneapolis/St. Paul Area)

    I know this is of limited use but thought I'd post it anyway. The Rainbow Foods grocery store near my house has the VDH Deluxe on clearance at 50% off, or 99¢ a puck. The local store had 11 pucks left. Too bad I don't like the soap or I'd stock up. I threw away the last puck I had. Rainbow...
  10. 5savages

    L'Occitane Rich Shaving Cream - Are you sure you're using enough?

    Watch this video and look at how much cream this guy scoops up (about the 0:18 mark). WOW! This guy must be a 3017'er the way he's plowing through product. I use a peanut sized amount and I have plenty of lather. Then again, this guy doesn't appear to add any water to the cream. I suppose...
  11. 5savages

    Minnesota shavers have a new source for shaving supplies

    Duluth Trading Company recently opened up a store in Bloomington, Minnesota, at 98th St & Lyndale in the side of the former Burger Brothers store. I've been ordering from their mail order business for years and have found them to have quality products with an excellent "No Bull" guarantee. I...
  12. 5savages

    Bar Soap Use Analysis

    I thought some of you might find this interesting. Since I had a spreadsheet set up for shaving, I decided to track bar soap use one day when I was wondering how long these bar soaps last. The spreadsheet below tracks the soaps I've used since 7/1/2012. I've deleted one line of a soap I...
  13. 5savages

    Vintage Mohawk Shave Soap

    Has anybody here used Mohawk Shave Soap before? I picked up a NOS puck yesterday, along with an unused shaving mug and brush. It will be a while before I get to it and I'm wondering how well it performs.
  14. 5savages

    Montana Natural Shave Company - Ever use it?

    I just stumbled on this line of products and wondered if anyone here had used it or have even heard of it. http://www.montanabookstore.com/shop_product_list.asp?catalog_group_id=MzY&catalog_group_name=TW9udGFuYSBTaG9w&catalog_id=522&catalog_name=TW9udGFuYSBIZWFsdGggJiBCZWF1dHk&sort=0&all=1 A...
  15. 5savages

    eShave Floral Shaving Cream - Buy 1, Get 1 Free

    http://eshave.com/eshave-deal-floral-shave-cream-buy-1-get-1-free-value-44-00 2 tubs, 4 oz each, $22 + $7 shipping (to MN). I've not used the floral scent, but I have the white tea and the verbena lime and they're fantastic creams. If I didn't have so many already, I'd get in on this deal
  16. 5savages

    "Soap Factory" Shaving Soap - Anyone here use this?

    I saw this on Amazon from Deals for Salons, the same folks that bring us great prices as Astra SPs. Have any of you used this or know anything about it? I'd never heard about it and coudln't find much about it, here or elsewhere. http://www.amazon.com/Shaving-Factory-Soap-1-75-Ounce/dp/B0085LXXW8
  17. 5savages

    A New US Source for Voskhod & Ladas blades

    Nice to see these available in the US again, and at a great price! Voskhods & Ladas, sold in 5 pack & 100 packs at Shaveabuck.com
  18. 5savages

    TSA to allow knives on passenger planes. Can DE razors be far behind?

    http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-03-05/tsa-will-permit-knives-golf-clubs-on-u-s-planes.html Hopefully this will lead to DE razors being permitted on board (though per this story, they will still be banned, along with box cutters, though they admit it's a decision based on emotion, not logic).
  19. 5savages

    Vintage Avon Shave Soap - have you seen this before?

    I just bought this on Ebay. The description said it was vintage Avon shave soap, though I see no labels that would indicate that (there were picture of the reverse side of the bowl and puck as well). For the amount they wanted I thought I'd take a chance. If any of you have seen this before...
  20. 5savages

    L'Occitane Cade Shave Cream - The new formulation is worth a try

    but only if the price tag doesn't scare you off. At $28 for a 150ml tube (18.7¢/ml), the cost per ml is just below that of Castle Forbes (19¢), and just above GFT (15¢), T&H (15.8¢) or DRH (16.7¢). I had read several times that the L'Occitane Cade shave cream was terrible stuff, but a few...