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    What TV series you watching?

    While I like Maury Chaykin in the first episode or two, his increased tendency to yell at people has really put me off the latest ones. I will keep watching it, however, because I love the music, Archie's strut, the ensemble characters and, most of all, the suits and hats... it's a very stylish...
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    What TV series you watching?

    The plot was just as well written as an early 1970's season of Star Trek and the acting matched the plot. Polarbeard, That's some pretty LOW praise...:sleep12::sleep12:
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    What TV series you watching?

    Since I"m too cheap to pay for Netflix or any of the others and would have to also get a VPN to see the CONUS shows, I'm watching a lot of YouTube.. The Legend of the Lone Ranger with Clayton Moore Highway to Heaven with Michael Landon and Victor French Nero Wolfe with Timothy Hutton and Maury...
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    aveeno shave gel

    @BudgetShaverGuy Both, actually. I broke down and opened a NIB puck of Vintage Menthol Williams a couple of days ago. I soaked it for the time it takes me to shower and it whipped up a slick and strong lather with just a few minutes work. I wanted to try it because I had switched from my Schick...
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    aveeno shave gel

    +1 my experience exactly. When I bought my first SuperSpeed, I used Aveeno gel since I got the razor before the rest of the kit. With the carts (and I'd use the same cart daily for a couple of months or more) and the SS, it was a decent shave. No comparison to Williams Mug but decent.
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    Half a week with DE shaving--my initial impression

    @GenericBryce The AAFES PX has started selling Van Der Hagen DE razors in long and short handles. If your ship's store carries them, try one out. Not a bad razor but I'd avoid the blades and stay with the Sharks (blades, that is).
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    What did you learn from your last shave?

    i found out that I'm a bit allergic to the boars. They gave me a lot of irritation. Switching to a Badger made a world of difference.
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    Injector Blades

    I've gotten as many as 20 shaves from one injector blade.. and i'm in the low numbers for the SISSIES members who get many more. I would suggest Walgreens, Pharmapacks, CVS or another major drugstore. or go to Pasteur's in NYC.... lots of other goodies to buy.
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    When in Germany...

    Great haul, World Travelin' L.A. Jones... and, no, she wasn't making up the 15 Cents for the paper bag. If you don't bring your own bag, German stores charge for them.
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    What did you learn from your last shave?

    :yikes::hang: YIKES!
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    20 plus years...

    Welcome.... Our house is your house Our Rabbit Hole is your Rabbit Hole
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    You guys are killin' me.. I'll have to go to the commissary and buy some frozen tamales or maybe the ones in a can... :c17:
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    Marshmallows over a fire - Roasted or Toasted?

    i prefer Toasted but mine always end up being Roasted... and burning my mouth.
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    Marshmallows over a fire - Roasted or Toasted?

    That could hurt. :eek2:
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    NIB Schick-What Would You Do?

    A few days ago, I took off a five day growth of beard with a Grip and a new single Schick blade. It was one of the best shaves ever. You are going to love that razor and the shaves it gives. And with the twinjector blades.. WOW>
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    Pictures - need your opinion

    I'm agreeing with @Davidkimberly on his statement of a variety of size. I find that my coffee gets cold too fast if the mug is too big and I get interrupted (aka work). How about adding a lid to the cup to keep it hot and do double duty as a coaster? Unfortunately, I like all the shapes to a...
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    I use a fresh blade every time I shave

    With a Twin-jector blade in my Schick Grip, I get 30 or more comfortable shaves. With a Bolzano DE blade in my Tech, I got one not-very-comfortable shave and tossed it. With Lord blades, I get 5-8 shaves. It all depends on you and what makes you smile. There is no wrong. Enjoy.