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  1. CapeCodJay

    What kind of hat for my face/head???

    So as you can see from my pic, I have a fat face/head - but am looking for a smart looking hat (fedora/cap) that won't make me look like a clown. Any suggestions?
  2. CapeCodJay

    Brylcreem US vs Brylcreem UK???

    Anyone try the two? How do they compare? US UK
  3. CapeCodJay

    Bad news for Groom & Clean users

    I was talking to a friend of mine who is a buyer for Wal*Mart and she was telling me that Unilever/Suave has discontinued Groom & Clean. I love the product, and alternate between it and Brylcreem as I like that shiny groomed old fashioned clean cut look. CVS brands has their own version...
  4. CapeCodJay

    Turner Classic Movies

    Anyone enjoying their 31 Days of Oscar programming? Man soooo many great movies!!!
  5. CapeCodJay

    Consumer Reports on Coffee

    I am no fan of Starbucks and would not care if the company folded...so you can imagine my happiness when they placed 4th in a national taste test by Consumer Reports. (Not even a worthy of an honorable mention). The number 1 rated brand was Eight O'Clock Coffee 100% Colombian Article can...
  6. CapeCodJay

    Vintage Groom & Clean Commercial

    Now I am a little too young to remember ads like this....but man I had to share. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTrkGY9jJb8
  7. CapeCodJay

    Cuban Coffees Anyone?

    Was thinking of picking up som Cubita and wanted to know if anyone has any thoughts on Cuban grown coffee beans? I'd love to hear your thoughts/suggestions?
  8. CapeCodJay

    Anyone wear Bow Ties?

    I like to wear a bow tie from time to time and get mine from Beauties of VT. How about you guys, where are you getting yours?
  9. CapeCodJay

    Last Visited 10-13-2007 - I'm Back

    Just wanted to say hello to everyone again! Back after a long break - and found I just can't stay away as I still am a wet shaver and old school lover of all things shaving and hair care. Look forward to chatting with you all again - feel free to say hello anytime!
  10. CapeCodJay

    Tea & Your Health -- Drink Up!

  11. CapeCodJay

    Tea & Your Health -- Drink Up!

    I love tea! I just happen to be enjoying a great cup of BOP Ceylon tea and thought I would share this. A pot of tea a day keeps the doctor away Bloomberg News Published: 1:35 am Tea may improve the ability to concentrate because of a substance found almost exclusively in several...
  12. CapeCodJay

    Interesting Pipe Smoking Story

    Some food for thought http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/06/18/AR2005061801145_pf.html
  13. CapeCodJay

    How did you find B&B

    So, what's your story? How did you find this great little community? For me it was from a Str8 razor forum that mentioned this place, I lurked and then signed up, and the rest is history. How about you?
  14. CapeCodJay

    Happy Birthday Dan aka Floppy Shoes

    :happybday: :happybday: To our own resident Canadian Honemeister!
  15. CapeCodJay

    Any Pipe Forums?

    Greetings, On my quest for knowledge I want to know if any of you frequent any pipe forums? If so, which ones? Would love to find some friendly places to chat. Thanks!
  16. CapeCodJay

    Need pipe & tobacco suggestion

    Greetings Gents! I have been a cigar collector and smoker for a while (5+ years) and have always enjoyed the smell of a pipe and my grandfater always use to smoke one. So, I think I have decided to give it a try --- My questions are these: I prefer the look of a bent pipe (any...
  17. CapeCodJay

    Rooney Hair Grades?

    Would some of the Rooney afficionados sum up the hair grades and performance thereof. You got: Rooney Finest Super Silvertip Genuine Silvertip Best Badger Pure Badger The only 2 brushes I own and use now are a Shavemac Silvertip and a Vulfix Super. (as to relate to hair grades)...
  18. CapeCodJay

    OK Guys, How Many Years.....

    Worth of blades do you own? Fess up....... I'd say about 6 right now for me. (Do I have a blade AD problem?)
  19. CapeCodJay

    Going to Canada I need Suggestions

    I'll be in Canada the end of this week and was wondering what products I should pick up while there that aren't readily available in the US. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Will be in Sherbrooke (P.Q.) area. Thanks.
  20. CapeCodJay

    Travel Set-Up

    Greetings guys! When you travel, what do you bring? How do you bring it? I will be doing some traveling at the end of the month, and am trying to put together a kit, just like to get some ideas. Thanks again!