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  1. MarkM10431

    Is the end of the DSLR here?

    Canon's new mirrorless is very impressive... and shuts down all but the highest end DSLRs and this is from a Nikon Fanboi https://www.digitalcameraworld.com/reviews/canon-eos-r5-review "Our Verdict So far, so amazing. While we need to put the Canon EOS R5 through a full battery of lab tests...
  2. MarkM10431

    April Photo contest.. should we skip it?

    I do not know what is going on eslwhere, but may of the folks in the US are housebound for the duration of the virus thing. Yea or Nay, shoud the willer of this month's contest skip April and post in May or go for wahat will be another shortened month?
  3. MarkM10431

    3 of 4 (that I know of)

    from what I have been able to touch on, there were 4 watches that went to the moon. they were all issues Omega Speedy's, several wore thier Bulova Accutrons. Swigert on Apollo 13 wore a rolex (still trying to find the model) and Dave Scott brought a Bulova to the moon, and wore it on his 3rd...
  4. MarkM10431

    March photo challenge- The Road

    Our willer is MIA and I have been asked to come up with the challenge for this month The road is your guide this month, from major freeway to a cart path.. as long as vehicles can use it. And the standard rules for the contest: Winner of the previous months challenge picks new theme and...
  5. MarkM10431

    opinions for a dive watch

    I do not have a nice dive watch, and the planet ocean is out of reach for now. whats't your opinion for a nice dive was in the 250-10K range? does not need to be new, if it's vintage I won't mind scoping the bay for a quality peice
  6. MarkM10431

    July Challenge

    I had a hard time deciding this months challeneg, and I'm still running them through my noggin. but in order to incorporate one I really enjoy, this months' challenge is Predators. From the lowly Fire Ant to the king of the animals the Lion. they can be in the wild or in captivity If you are in...
  7. MarkM10431

    has anyone seen the monthly watch box?

    apparently it is a club where you get a watch a month. the jist: ou pay from 29 to 149 a month and you get a watch a month can be anything from casio, timex, seiko (and more) they say for the first 2 tiers. the third tier @ 99 bucks they add a g shock to the possible watches and the 149 level is...
  8. MarkM10431

    so I'm thinking about a new "old" look

    I'm undergoing some rapid weight loss, 4 months ago i was wearing 3xl polos now xxl are getting baggy. I figure when I'm done I will be in an XL/L. so for now I want to build a look around colored Tees and casual short sleeve shirts, like except i will wear the shirt open with the colored...
  9. MarkM10431

    what is the most unusual flavor of tea you have had (that you like)

    for me it's Genmaicha. a Japanese Green tea, a mixture of a Sencha and popped Genmai (hulled rice kernels) it's almost like drinking rice krispies sans sugar and milk
  10. MarkM10431

    Where Angels tread

  11. MarkM10431

    not sure if this is the forum or not, but i have a new toy

    bought myself a drone, learning to fly it. pretty fun so far.. I think I will be getting a LOT of spare batteries and a camera next
  12. MarkM10431

    Finally got my Dynamic back

    by far the prettiest Omega I have. Dynamis were big in the 80's IIRC this one had a complete overhaul and she is beautiful
  13. MarkM10431

    Surf's Up

  14. MarkM10431

    what is your casual shoe?

    I've taken a job at a software company and the uniform seems to be polo shirts and khakis, I'm guessin nice jeans woud also be ok. I have dress shoes and i have athletic shoes. I'm thinking i need something in between.
  15. MarkM10431

    Refinishing /Refurbishing razors

    can anyone point me toward a reputable source to refurb some of my older razors?
  16. MarkM10431

    Anyone know what type of oil Art of shaving bases thier pre shave oil on?

    I find it very thick, compared to the clubman oil. is it mineral oil based?
  17. MarkM10431

    Saw a chap at work wearing jeans running shoes dress shirt and vest

    what are your thoughts on that? on one hand I like the vest only look, but not sure i liked it with jeans and running shoes
  18. MarkM10431

    She loves me after all

    Anne gave me a present today..
  19. MarkM10431

    Interview look for warm temps

    Here in Florida it's already getting to the 100's heat index. to compound that, my car's AC is out. what alternatives do i have for a good look on a job interview? this is not a High Management position, it's customer service job in a call center. I'm thinking either a suit no tie or tie no...
  20. MarkM10431

    Canon WOOT!

    Canon Rebel T6 DSLR Camera with 18-55mm Lens - $349.99 + $5 standard shipping Canon Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera with/18-55mm Lens $349.99 $549.00 36% off List Price 339 Amazon reviews Screen Size 3"