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  1. Pottertons

    FS APR: Torchwood (Soap/Splash/EdP) CONUS/Canada Only.

    Up for grabs is a complete set of one of APR's latest releases Other than a small scrape from the edge of one side of the tub, (see pic) the soap is Brand New. Splash & EdP haven't even had the caps removed. $110 with shipping included. Ships from Ontario, Canada The sale is open to CONUS and...
  2. Pottertons

    FS Irving Barber Company Nickel/Gunmetal Shavette w/Personna blades

    Up for your considering is an Irving Barber Company Shavette. Tried only once on the cheeks. Can't see myself wanting to pursue this method of shaving, so I'm sticking with DE's. Comes with Box, and 19 remaining Personna injector blades from the 20-pack it was ordered with. Also, extra...
  3. Pottertons

    Anyone able to compare the ATT SE1 w/the Blackland Vector?

    I'm currently saving up for a Vector, and today, I stumbled across the ATT SE1.....and while looks shouldn't be the main deal-breaker, it's a fine looking bit of kit! From what I've read and watched so far, the reviews for both razors, seem equally good. So with that said, if there's anyone...
  4. Pottertons

    Matching frag for Eleven Shaving: Amber, Patchouli and Oak?

    The scent notes on their website are as listed.... "...Amber and oak mixed with a bit of sweet patchouli. Touches of bergamot and eucalyptus top this off for an earthy, manly scent...." I really like this scent but it seems to be hard to find a matching Fragrance that nails it. There are a few...
  5. Pottertons

    Curiosity has me thinking about a straight....

    For those of you who are experienced with both straights and Safety's, I've been wondering if a straight provides a smoother, more efficient shave. Especially for a first pass. I've been thinking about the basic design of a safety razor and a couple of things have come to mind. 1) Doesn't the...
  6. Pottertons

    Building myself up to using a straight razor

    So now that I've been (successfully) DE shaving for a good 8 months now, I notice that in certain areas It's still a bit of a struggle to mow through the hair due to how extremely coarse it is. The only razors where this has been less of an issue are my slants. So with that said, I've been...
  7. Pottertons

    Football (soccer) themed soap?

    So....we've got B+M's 'Diamond' for baseball. Anything out there that's football (soccer) related?
  8. Pottertons

    WOW! This first attempt with soap lathering was impressive!

    Although I signed up almost a decade ago, there's really been very little need to create posts due to the influx of great information available on here. Also, up until a few months ago I just kept giving up on trying to get this DE thing to actually work. (crazy ingrown hair breakouts left me...
  9. Pottertons

    WTB: Razorock Stealth slant (The black one)

    Working my way up to a slant razor to help towards an efficient shave with fewer passes. From the research I've done, this seems to be a good one to start with. Thanks.
  10. Pottertons

    Brompton & Langley anyone?

    Just wondering if anyone has tried this shaving cream.. I'm in the Toronto area, Canada and after liking the face scrub, I'm looking to try out the shaving cream but thought I'd search around for some feedback.. Can't seem to find any though.
  11. Pottertons

    Critique My Technique.

    This video is from my 'Journals and Diary' called "My journey towards a BBS Dream". It's from 6 years ago and received a flood of responses filled with great advice. After giving up and returning to the electric methods of shaving (which still had it's issues, albeit much less so) I've decided...
  12. Pottertons

    AOS or Anthony in the East Toronto Area?

    I've searched and searched online but all i get is online stores. (Go figure) I'm looking for an actual shop/store that sells either one of these products. So far I know of Crabtree & Evelyn in Scarborough Town Center and Yorkdale Mall. Just trying to get my hands on either one of...
  13. Pottertons

    My Journey towards a BBS dream: W/Photos. (Warning, not for the faint-hearted)

    I took a couple photos after a shave today.....what a great lathering session it was, thanks to the thread by "Jim"..... However, even though I felt like I have been making some sort of progress since about a week ago when I actually decided to try and take the plunge into DE safety razor...
  14. Pottertons

    Tutorials on Haircutting. (Fades)

    Trying to master my fades and wondered if anyone knew of any good links to tutorials or video footage. Also some info on how to sharpen your clipper blades. I use an Andis Outliner for lining up my hair and it's getting quite dull. Wouldn't mind finding out if I can easily sharpen them...
  15. Pottertons

    Recommended blades for sensitive skin!

    I just received my order from Fendrihan. Got the Col.Conk Bay Rum Soap and a blade sampler pack with Derbys, Merkurs, Feathers and Astras. I was also suprised to see the nice little Edwin Jagger shaving cream sample included. Now, I'm assuming that the Merkur that came with my DE must have...
  16. Pottertons

    XTG/ATG shaving when you have very coarse hair.

    O.k, so I've read enough to know that I probably shouldn't do an XTG/ATG pass for a little while as I venture into the world of DE shaving. However I have a query that needs to be addressed. My hair is thick and extremely curly and coarse, so it takes some time to actually realize how long...
  17. Pottertons

    A nervous black male seeking a solution...

    ....to the dreaded razor bumps and ingrown hairs. I came across this site during my hours and days of browser research for a solution to lay this painful issue to rest once and for all. I've tried many a solution over the years except for the wetshave and have just a few questions before...