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  1. MarkM10431

    July photo contest - Sunrise or sunsets

    Someone wanna pick a subject if @Peterv1 doesn't show?
  2. MarkM10431


    not the train, per se...
  3. MarkM10431

    What's Your Sun Hat?

    I use to have an old Indiana Jones fedora, don't know ho made it, just had the Indy label inside. Anne hated that hat, and I suspect she engineered it's loss when we moved
  4. MarkM10431

    Is the end of the DSLR here?

    Canon's new mirrorless is very impressive... and shuts down all but the highest end DSLRs and this is from a Nikon Fanboi https://www.digitalcameraworld.com/reviews/canon-eos-r5-review "Our Verdict So far, so amazing. While we need to put the Canon EOS R5 through a full battery of lab tests...
  5. MarkM10431

    Photo of the Day

  6. MarkM10431

    June Photo Challenge - Close

    @SilentAssassin you get to pick the subject for July. you set the rules, by tradition, it's copy and paste from the previous month, start stop vote dates, must be recent, etc.
  7. MarkM10431

    June Photo Challenge - Close

    +1 for #3
  8. MarkM10431

    June Photo Challenge - Close

    Feeling humbled but here w go...
  9. MarkM10431

    May Photo Challenge - Silhouette

    ok hope the weather is good on Saturday. I want to re-shoot something I shot a couple years ago
  10. MarkM10431

    Photo size limit

    Considering my Nikon shoots 4Kx6K pixel images I normally resize to the long side = 1200
  11. MarkM10431

    Photo of the Day

  12. MarkM10431

    What Tea/Tisane Are You Drinking?

    right now, it's a roobios with elderberry, sage lavender and horsetail
  13. MarkM10431

    Lemon Or Mint Tea

    there are a couple of loose leaf lemons that I use. one is green tea based and uses lemongrass, the other s are black tea with lemon rind and ginger, and one without the ginger.
  14. MarkM10431

    Tea newbie looking for recommendations...

    i am all over the place with tea. i do not like staight up green teas, it has to be a blend with something else. Black teas i like blends but straight varaietals are good too. probably my go to single black is a vietnam black. I mostly drink american breakfast and English breakfast mood...
  15. MarkM10431

    March photo challenge- The Road

    Looks like a tie. I'll cede the choice of April to Mr Jones
  16. MarkM10431

    March photo challenge- The Road

    Since I really don't need the challenge again.. I'll vote for #7 as well besides, I love the american SW
  17. MarkM10431

    April Photo contest.. should we skip it?

    I do not know what is going on eslwhere, but may of the folks in the US are housebound for the duration of the virus thing. Yea or Nay, shoud the willer of this month's contest skip April and post in May or go for wahat will be another shortened month?
  18. MarkM10431

    March photo challenge- The Road

    I'm good with your entry, Bob, since we were off to a late start. I'll let the Ambassador make that call..