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  1. jesseix

    PIF - a collection of things

    I'm overdue to pay it forward after being the recipient of an overly generous offer from @It's Hedley a little while back, so hopefully somebody can put these to good use. Up for grabs is: - CRSW Schapenmelk soap, probably about 90% full - Cella shaving stick, about 2ounces worth cut from the...
  2. jesseix

    Got to meet a penmaking artisan today

    I’m not a collector or user of nice pens, but I had a pretty neat experience today meeting an artisan penmaker, Eric Sands of Atelier Lusso. https://lussopens.com/ Randomly enough he lives on the same small street in Lake Arrowhead where my good buddy recently got a vacation spot, so he...
  3. jesseix

    3D printed AC-style razor?

    Has anyone seen/used/made one? I know that the TNNSER is out there for GEM-style blades, but I haven’t seen anything for a print that will use artist club blades.
  4. jesseix

    Box of Feathers (100ct) $16.66 shipped w/ Prime

    This is available on Woot and ships free with Prime (since Amazon owns/operates Woot). https://sellout.woot.com/offers/feather-double-edge-razor-blades-2
  5. jesseix

    Ballast Point fire sale

    Probably not really the right phrase, but it was pretty interesting to hear that Constellation was selling off Ballast Point to a small brewing operation for a fraction of the $1billion they paid for it. I had originally read that the sales price was something crazy like $17million, but this...
  6. jesseix

    Lots of stuff to unload: hardware, software, pomade, with some freebies

    Hi folks, looking to dump off a bunch of stuff at what I hope is reasonable prices. Shipping will be a flat $6 per order, so hopefully you’ll feel enticed to grab a few things together and I’ll lose a bunch of money on shipping costs. I'm of course happy to send any additional photos you might...
  7. jesseix

    Yardley soap bars < $1 on Amazon

    A couple of the tallow-based Yardley bath soaps are available for under a buck, shipped free with Prime. My local 99cent store used to stock some but doesn't seem to have them recently so I grabbed a couple. Lavender...
  8. jesseix

    New soap coming from Cold River Soap Works

    Looks like CRSW is releasing a new soap tomorrow called SCHAPENMELK... from the website: A traditional hard shaving soap thats pays homage to our Dutch heritage. Made with sheep milk and tallow plus lanolin and shea butter for aftershave conditioning. Lightly perfumed with a pleasing scent...
  9. jesseix

    Thayers rose petal witch hazel $5

    Woot via Amazon has the rose petal witch hazel for $5, free shipping with Amazon prime Thayers Alcohol-free Rose Petal Witch Hazel- 12oz - $4.99 + $6 standard shipping
  10. jesseix

    Possibly the funniest listing I've seen on the 'bay in a while

    Someone has an Omega S-brush synthetic listed at a starting bid of $100. I believe its being advertised as 'NOS'... despite being readily available at retailers for under $10. Sorry, just had to share
  11. jesseix

    What is everyone cooking for NYE?

    Just the wifey and I this year, no big plans but still trying to work out the menu. Looks like we're going to start with an endive salad with crab, paired with some champagne. Still not sure what to do for our main course though... anyone I can steal some inspiration from?
  12. jesseix

    Some quick props for Siliski Soaps, and a PIF to try out his stuff

    I just wanted to share a quick story to give Siliski Soaps some praise... about a month ago Andrew offered up some tester pucks of his new soap base on another forum, so I ordered one along with another puck for a scent that looked awesome (and is by the way, Midnight in Tunisia rocks my world)...
  13. jesseix

    Reef Point Soaps will be closing

    Looks like they've posted on Twitter that they'll be closing up shop once current inventory is sold out. So if you're looking to try them out or get a backup of something, now's the time! Reef Point Soaps
  14. jesseix

    FS Brushes & razors (Shavemac, Simpson, Elite etc), plus add-ons

    Passing along some items that aren't seeing use in my rotation. I hope that I've priced these fairly, but feel free to PM me with any questions/issues. I know that my photos aren't the best, if there's any others that you'd like me to send you just let me know and I'd be happy to snap them...
  15. jesseix

    Yardley activated charcoal soap - anyone tried it?

    I usually pick up Yardley bath soaps at my local dollar store, and yesterday I noticed that they are stocking an activated charcoal bar that I haven't seen before. I usually go for the coconut soap with shea butter but I grabbed one of these to try out, was just wondering if anyone has used it.
  16. jesseix

    TheShaveDen aftershaves going cheap

    TheShaveDen looks like they've put their aftershaves on sale, they're not labeled as a sale but the prices are much cheaper than I remember them being the last time I looked. 4oz alcohol-based splashes are $3.33 each and 8.5oz witch hazel is $2.99. Tons of scent options with menthol additions...
  17. jesseix

    Anyone weighed any empty soap containers?

    I'm wondering if any of you fine folk might have weighed out empty soap containers after you've finished a product off, or would be able to. I saw that @ShavingByTheNumbers posted in a different thread about the weight of a Soap Commander tub, but I was hoping to put together the weights for...
  18. jesseix

    Wanted to crosspost this PIF thread here

    In case anyone is interested A couple basic kits to give away
  19. jesseix

    A couple basic kits to give away

    I can't find any other friends that are willing to convert to wet shaving, so maybe some fresh meat here will be interested in these ;-) I'd like to pass on these goodies and will split up the following items into 2 kits. I'm thinking I'll let one winner pick the brush they want, and one can...
  20. jesseix

    Has anyone tried the new LA Shaving Soap Co aftershaves?

    It seems like the formulation is the same as the Chiseled Face splashes since Ron took over the LASSC production/distribution, but I read a review on another site that made it sound like they might be a little more menthol-y than the Chiseled Face AS's. Any chance that anyone has tried both and...