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  1. DMT

    Excessive Scalp Sweating

    I have always had an issue with excessive sweating on my scalp. Now that my hair is thinning it's becoming more of a problem as large beads gather and run down my forehead and sides of my head, where as they would have been caught by my hair in the past. Does anyone have some suggestions for...
  2. DMT

    Looking for an approximation to Skin Bracer Wild Moss

    A few of years ago my grandmother gave me a box of toiletries that had belonged to my grandfather. Among them was an almost full bottle of Skin Bracer Wild Moss aftershave. I loved the scent and carefully rationed it out over time until it ran out. I'm due to buy a new bottle of AS soon and I'd...
  3. DMT

    My Worst Ingrowing Hair Ever

    I have a pretty severe pili multigemini along my jaw line, there's at least 5 hair shafts coming out of the one follicle. Two weeks ago it started ingrowing and since then I was going around with what looked like a large and painful blind pimple. The skin around it felt constantly tight and it...
  4. DMT

    Polsilver 1 year on

    A year ago when I was only a month into DE shaving I gave Polsilver blades a try and ended up walking around smothered in alovera cream for a week. I tried the same blade another few times and each shave yielded irritation and patches of razor burn. I tried a second blade thinking maybe it was a...
  5. DMT

    Anyone good with statistics

    Hi guys I'm working on a project proposal for a health and safety study at the moment. I have a population and a study instrument, but I don't have a clue what to do with the results when I get them. Maths has never been my strong point and when I read textbooks on statistics I get confused...
  6. DMT

    Shave Cream PIF

    I have a tube of Musgo Real that's 1/4 full and tube of Classic Palmolive that's 2/3 full. Both creams preform very well but they aren't seeing much use lately, the Musgo produces incredibly slick lather but I prefer creams with more cushion in them, and while the Palmolive punches way above its...
  7. DMT

    It's the little things that make a good store great.

    Shaving.ie is my go-to when it comes to shaving supplies they've got an excellent selection, great prices and their customer service is exceptional. The other day I received an order and the wrong blades were included. I contacted Chris and asked could I return the blades to him in exchange for...
  8. DMT

    Gentlemen Present your Axes!

    Most of us are on this forum due to our RAD, and as we all know many guitarists and bassists suffer from GAS. So do any guitarists or bassists out there want to share some pics? This is my Gibson T-bird studio model. It has a fixed neck and solid mahogany construction with a Cherry red stain...
  9. DMT

    Another use for shave oil

    American Crew Shave Oil to be exact Today I went in for a hot towel shave at the Knights Barber at St Stephen's Green in Dublin, (if any of you guys ever decide to come visit, don't leave without getting a shave from them). As part of the the aftershave treatment the barber used some American...
  10. DMT

    My favorite Shaving Ad

    This is the only ad involving shaving that I really remember from my childhood. After learning so much about shaving properly from the community over the last year it's even more funny. Unfortunately I couldn't find the English version but I think everyone will be able to appreciate it.
  11. DMT

    What should I upgrade to

    I've been shaving with my 38c for almost a year now and with Chrismas coming I've started thinking about getting something more aggressive. It's not that the 38c is a bad razor it's actually served me well, it's just that I've never been satisfied with how it performs on some stubborn patches on...
  12. DMT

    Malicious or Just Stupid

    I love Halloween, I love going up to the bonfire to watch the the fireworks, I love having trick-or-treaters calling to my door and most of all I love getting together with my mates and watching a few horror movies. The only thing I don't like about halloween is the pranks, and I'm not talking...
  13. DMT

    A pleasant surprise in the hospital of all places

    I was suffering with some tightness in my chest during the week which I put down to stress, I'm working a weekend job, doing a weekday internship, as well as trying to get my thesis proposal for my masters put together, so I'm understandably stressed. The other day the chest pain was accompanied...
  14. DMT

    GFT Coconut, vs TOBS Coconut

    On the suggestion of CHSeifert and Flapalms239 I'm going to do a half and half shave using both brands of coconut creams. Unfortunately, I've had to postpone tonight's shave as we're still renovating the bathroom and some unannounced guests decided to show up, meaning I cant shave in the kitchen...
  15. DMT

    GFT Coconut, good enough to eat!

    Well that's what my dog thinks. I sat down with him right after my shave and he went crazy trying to get at my face so much so that I had to I put him out into the kitchen where I left my cream (have to shave there until I get the new bathroom installed), and when I came in later was sitting by...
  16. DMT

    My First Tech - Thanks Jake !

    Jake was kind enough to PIF me a British Fat handled tech recently. I spent the last week getting to grips with it, it certainly is a different beast compared to my 38c it's milder and more agile being able to get into tight areas like behind the corners of my jaw, but it's harder for me to find...
  17. DMT

    Drinking 4711?

    I was over at basenotes reading some reviews of old school fragrances and one reviewer mentioned that she used to drink 4711 in milk for medicinal refreshment. I thought that was odd, but when I read up on the history of 4711, it was in fact marketed as a miracle water for internal and external...
  18. DMT

    Slick Shaving Cream?

    I decided to give shaving cream a go after my puck of Mitchell's wool fat ran out. So far I tried Palmolive and a sample Pod of Edwin Jagger sandalwood both of which I found to be quite dry. Any suggestions for a cream that will make a thick slick lather while not breaking the bank?
  19. DMT

    Never again will I shave without showering

    I'm one of those people who likes to get up and be out the door in about half an hour so I almost always shower and shave before going to bed, and then just have a quick wash at the basin in the morning. On rare occasions I have shaved after a wash at the basin but for the most part those were...
  20. DMT

    Recommendations for an anti dandruff shampoo

    I'm prone to outbreaks of dandruff getting large flakes in my hair that are quite visible, I've tried a few brands and either they leave my hair really dry (Head and Shoulders), or they leave my hair soft but aggravate the dandruff making my scalp shed ton of tiny flakes (Garnier Fructis). Can...