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  1. J.E.

    Dollar General Blades

    A few months ago on a whim I bought a package of Dollar General blades. I just now got around to trying one and I've got to say it worked very well for me. Sharp and smooth. I figured I would struggle to get through one shave with it and end up throwing them away. The package says made in...
  2. J.E.

    Master Bay Rum Aftershave

    I went to town for a haircut today but my regular barber was closed so I went to a different barber. I've never been in his place and was surprised to see he had a small line of Clubman products and Master aftershave lotion. After the haircut, I left with a bottle of Master Bay Rum and a bottle...
  3. J.E.

    Bought Some Blades Locally Today

    I've been DE shaving for about a week now and have used 1 Merkur (came with razor) and a Van Der Hagen that I put in the razor yesterday. While in town today I made a few stops for blades to try. I got a 10 pack of Walgreens store brand made in Israel. Then I went to Sallys Beauty Supply and got...
  4. J.E.

    Boker DE Razor

    I came across some Boker DE razors the other day on a knife website. I haven't seen much talk about them here. The website says they are made in Germany. Anybody have any experience with them?
  5. J.E.

    New Merkur 34C

    I ordered a new Merkur 34C that should arrive in the next day or two. At 55 years of age I'm certainly not new to shaving but I have never used a DE razor. I've just used disposables all my life. Mostly Schick and I also have a Harrys that I use. I'm looking forward to the Merkur but I'm also a...
  6. J.E.

    Clubman Brandy Spice

    I've been using Clubman Pinaud After Shave daily for the past couple weeks and love it. I've been curious about the other scents they have so I ordered some Clubman Brandy Spice. Did I make a good choice?
  7. J.E.

    J.E.'s Entry to the Hall of Fame

    What is your real name? James What are your nicknames/aliases? None Where do you live? Southeast Missouri What is your age (or) generation? 55 What are you in the real world? Semi-retired What is your favorite shave setup? Barbasol and Gillette What are your hobbies...