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    Win a Vie-Long Horsehair Shaving Brush at Shavetools.com this Halloween!

    Count me in! One time I was at a friends Halloween party. It got a bit crazy and someone zipped themselves into a real body bag in the front yard, right before the Cops showed up to say "Quiet down".
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    PIF: Mint Tech and Travel kit

    Awesome. I'm in. Thanks for the chance!
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    2 Winner PIF - LA Shave Soaps

    I'm in. The soap would be called island monkey sweat.
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    I also have sensitive skin, but the Prorasso green does not bother me. I love it. Maybe you can find a way to try it anyway if you haven't.
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    What's the WORST beer you've ever tried?

    I love beer and appreciate all styles, but I have had some not so great ones. I'm not talking about skunky beer either, because I can't blame a beer for being too old or stored improperly. With that said, there has only been one beer that I've tried that I had no desire to choke down, and I...
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    one year straight razor anniversary and PIF

    Congrats on the milestone! I'm in. Don't have a favorite movie per se, but I never get tired of watching GF I and II so I guess those would count.
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    New here!

    I'm new too, and also did not want to spend a fortune to get started. I started the other way. I was given a VDH mug/brush/soap set as a Christmas gift and I first tried it out using my Mach III. That was a good way to start, although I'm still terrible at lathering. Then I got a Maggard MR1...
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    What Makes A Gentleman A Gentleman PIF

    I'm in. A male becomes a gentleman when he possesses and displays characteristic traits such as integrity, chivalry, and classiness, and is willing to carry on traditions of such despite them seeming archaic in modern times.
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    Need some LIFE advice from you all seasoned fellas.

    I'm in your situation, except there is no job B. I say, and I've heard the same from others, take the risk now while you are young. I don't know what job B is, but just because the pay is low now doesn't mean it won't lead to much, much better things. Think of all of the mega-rich people there...
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    I'm in. For home a magnetic knife strip on the wall and for travel a hard shell case for glasses is big enough to hold 1 or 2 straights and possibly more.
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    It is time for a PIF

    I'm in! Completely new to fountain pens so this is exciting.
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    My 2 year membership anniversary is here : time for a PIF

    I'm in. I'd say "This is Spinal Tap" or "Taxi Driver".
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    Good with the Bad PIF

    I am no wiggly worm. Fred Flintstone.