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  1. MTom

    The King C. Gillette DE

    So...the KCG. Saw one, and only one, in my local walgreens and said let's give it a whirl. I don't care about commercials, and controversy. I know there's already some heated debate about this razor and Gillette as a whole on these forums. Ima keep and use my vintages, so I might as well give...
  2. MTom

    What a haircut and shave can do.

    During the quarantine I decided to try an experiment. My hair grows really fast, so I just let it go wild. Facial hair too. I waited on my wife's comments about it. Mind you I had to endure some strange looks all in the sake of science lol. I wanted to see how long it would take before my wife...
  3. MTom

    Aftershave...just because

    I'm sure this has been brought up before, hope I'm not kicking a dead horse here but... How many of us use aftershave just because we like the application/scent/feel? I'm talking about days you don't shave, or after the gym, a swim in the pool or even after a shower before bed. I have a...
  4. MTom

    Been Around...

    Just wanted to say hello again. I'm Tom. I've been away from B&B for many years. (As in lost and forgot my Acct and old email). At one point I was a contributor with hundreds of posts, and frequented the BST and many of the sub forums regularly. I joined back in '09, back in the days of Joel...