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  1. Hunter Bock

    creating scales

    When crafting scales from blanks (1/8 - 3/8) which is the preferred saw for shaping: band or scroll? I know the band saw has more power but I'm interested in the pros and cons of each. Thanks everyone.
  2. Hunter Bock

    saw issue in doing scales

    Have a few hardwood blanks (~6 x 3/4 in) that I need to section into 1/8 in. slabs. After some experimenting I've concluded that my doing this by hand with a coping or Japanese saw won't yield good results. I'm working with some woods (bog oak, kauri) that I don't want to botch in the learning...
  3. Hunter Bock

    feedback, Koraat-Knives

    Anyone familiar with this Austrian vendor? They do custom blades.
  4. Hunter Bock

    hand scaling tools

    Supposing one has a 3/4" thick blank that needed to be sectioned in half (into two blanks). On hand I have a coping saw and Japanese hand saw. In terms of a cutting guide or other hand apparatus what else would be advisable?
  5. Hunter Bock

    G10 v Micarta

    Has anyone scaled with G10? In terms of cutting, sanding and shaping how does it compare with micarta and wood?
  6. Hunter Bock

    hone & paste

    I'm curious if anyone has ever used paste stropping (green, possibly red) prior to final honing in the upper range (10K up). Regular stropping of course comes after honing but paste stropping is a hybrid of sorts.
  7. Hunter Bock


    First thanks to Doc226 for sourcing a video on scaling with handtools only. For those of you who have practiced this I'd appreciate counsel (some experience with pinning but none in making my own scales). Which material would be best for my first go at it -- wood, micarta? I've noticed Dovo...
  8. Hunter Bock

    10K area

    Anyone have experience with Vermont Green Slate and Imperia La Roccia stones? Web reviews on slate sharpening are all over the place and ILR (likely not slate) apparently wants to keep their source a secret.
  9. Hunter Bock


    Does the frameback require any adjustment in honing technique? I have an 1876 Engstrom I'm working on. Thanks everyone.
  10. Hunter Bock


    Having just completed my final send-out-for-scaling adventure I'm now motivated to go it alone. I have noticed that some lower end razors have decent scales price competitive with ordering scales separately. Any reason not to harvest such scales? The issue of course is separating the scales...
  11. Hunter Bock

    wedge issue

    Sent my Wester Bros out for rescaling (Florida) and received a botched result -- blade strikes scales when closing. Unable to resolve with surly provider. I need a thicker wedge to redo the scales myself but have been unable to locate a source. I don't have the tools to make my own wedge...
  12. Hunter Bock

    1K quality

    For grits 3K and above I've upgraded my stones--to Belgian Blue, Guangxi etc. I'm still using an inexpensive Chinese 1K corundum stone when I need to go back to the beginning. Sufficient? Other stone options? Does the expense warrant a 1K upgrade? Thanks all.
  13. Hunter Bock

    blade only

    If you're interested in doing your own scales where are some solid vendors for blades only? Thanks all.
  14. Hunter Bock

    second round honing

    Have a couple of vintage razors, a Clover and an Oxford, that I'm trying to get into shape. My first round of honing went from 800 - 10000 combining lapping film and corundum stones. No shaveable results. Before starting again I wanted to check forum wisdom. Should my next round of honing...
  15. Hunter Bock

    gem razors -- some questions

    SE Gem razors get a lot of positive coverage; I own a couple that I would not part with. Can't help but wonder why they're not being produced anymore. But on to the questions: 1. it seems that most (all?) Gems have a spring mechanism. Are there issues with the spring failing, and what of...