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  1. tofph

    FS HUGE SAVINGS: Buy my 10 Brush Package. Paladin and Simpson Brushes

    Hi. I think one important thing about this sale is for you to know that I am based in the Philippines. I am raising funds right now to pay for hospital bills. I am just getting started with the hobby but it seems that I had to let these beautiful brushes go sooner, as I am exploring all...
  2. tofph

    Blind buying? Or buying a sample or decant first?

    Hi All. Who among you are into perfumes? Esp the niche/artisan ones? Do you blind buy based on the reviews you see online? or do try to buy a sample or decant first? Though sometimes, through sampling and decanting, you will be surprised you are already spending a lot of money into it? That...
  3. tofph

    2020 Father's Day Special Deals and Discounts

    Father's day is around the corner. And for the all the fathers and even for the single men, this is a good opportunity for us to maybe acquire some new gears and goodies. If we are lucky enough, this is also the time that someone can pay for it: maybe our wife or children can pay. :) The goal...
  4. tofph

    For those based in South East Asia, where do you buy your shaving gears and goodies?

    Hi All. I am based in the Philippines and we still have very limited options to buy gears and goodies locally. Sure, we can always shop from some of the sites in US, UK, etc. but shipping is expensive and takes time... I was even exploring buying some badger brushes from the US but given the...
  5. tofph

    Tof here. From the Philippines.

    Hi All. My name is Tof. New member here from the Philippines. I am a local, it might be weird for some why I am here :) because as you know we are not really known to have thick hairs but I really enjoy the whole experience. I still consider myself very new to this; I know I have so much to...