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    Parker '51' on Craigslist

    $150 obo. A little part of me just wants to ink it up and write with it to see what the hype is all about. How much should I offer for it? http://eastnc.craigslist.org/clt/3069744264.html
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    I bought a dip pen. Dip dip dip dip

    I love it! Right now I'm dipping the same ink that's is in one of my pens with a 1.1 italic nib and the color difference is intense. No shading vs extreme shading.. And I'm kind of liking the finer nib! Then the same weekend Family Guy came out with this video. If you're not a fan just skip to...
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    Hiatus! Need more Practice!

    I only give myself 30 minutes each morning to get ready for work :scared: so at most times I use a DE and just do 2 passes and don't get close at all. It's been a few weeks since I last shaved with a straight, today I used my hardy W&B as it seems more smooth compared to my american steel...
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    How does ink work?

    I'm still new to this so my ink collection is slim. How does the ink/pen/paper reflect the flow of the ink? I've been taking notes all weekend on a standard 8x11 notebook with Parker Quink black ink because it's the only bottle that I have and I only have a Noodlers Flex. I will write about 4-6...
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    4711 Giftset at Burllington Coat Factory

    The Burlington Coat Factory in my home town has 4711. Recently bought the AS for $5 on Amazon.. Great product! Burlington has a gift set with 6.8oz splash and showergel for $25 and the aftershave in lieu of the gel for $30. I'm holding off until Monday.. Hopefully it's discounted, I really...
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    I Found it- Superior 70

    I had a pretty successful Black Friday if I don't say so myself. Bought $179 headphones for $80, sandpaper to restore the razor I found in my shed and to top it off 3 large bottles of Superior 70 Bay Rum!!! I live in NC, visited a few (maybe just a couple) Walgreens shortly after the early...
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    Went home for Thanksgiving, found Red Imp 133

    I remembered seeing a cheap little straight with what appeared to be plastic scales in my shed, all rusted so I didn't give it much thought. Now that I'm back with a little more knowledge of straight I went to check it out, saw Solligen Germany on it... Immediately I thought it may be worth...
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    I need an Intervention

    I'm just a poor E3 living an officer lifestyle. Been doing this wetshaving thing for 2 years or so and I've spent more money in the last 6 weeks or so then I have in two years! In late September I bought a Fatboy for $19, quickly got bored with it and decided to venture into a new realm of...
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    Converting a Sweater into...

    My office is having a costume celebration on Wednesday. I decided to go as Mr. Rogers. Well, the pursuit of finding a sweater that can visibly show a tie is kind of difficult so as a last resort I bought a red sweater. The sweater that he wore had a zipper, a cardigan is similar. I don't...
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    Estate Sale Hopeful

    I went into an antique store. No avail though the lady saw two straights that day and gave me a flyer for an estate sale the following weekend. Came across a picture on the auction site. Though she said there were two, hmm... Anxious for the weekend, wish me luck! Went to another antique store...
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    iPhone Headphones

    My headphones are going out... Unless I can them covered on my iPhone's warranty I may need a new pair. They're the Apple in the ear earphones. I'm on my 5th pair, but I only think I bought 2 thus far.. Yay warranty. If I understand correctly because they are an apple accessory that works in...
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    DE Leave of Absence

    Eh, not for good.. I enjoy it too much aside from hacking up my chin but come time I will get use to it. Though my question is. What would be a good razor to use? My Superspeed it out of the question :mad3: I leave for the Air Force in two weeks and I have been putting too much thought in...
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    I had a dream

    That I trimmed off hair from my tweezerman and the short hair scratched me when I tried to lather. I also have a 4 day growth (eh I'm off for 42 more days :thumbup:) I think it's a sign to get a new brush.. AD fed via a dream :lol: Any suggestion so I wouldn't have that dream again? :scared...
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    Driving Home

    So, I'm in Wisconsin right now, should be driving home in a few days... I know a lot of stores are regional like Trader Joes, which I meant to stop on my way up but to no avail.. So, what are some good places to stop for product? I could really use some more scents of KMF :thumbup: A single...
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    The Mail Came

    Still no vintage gillette razor. Come on!! I won the bid a week ago. I'm in Florida they are in Tennessee. So 2 day shipping?? Though I did get mail from Geico. My payments are going down to $170 :thumbup: Whats a good military provider, I got mail from USAA yesterday, but can I get military...
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    Vintage Gillette Razor

    Did a quick search on ebay and bought a razor which was not at all explained.. Someone purchased it at an estate sale and all they were told was that it was a vintage gillette razor. Posted 2 pictures.. I bought it. $4.50 including shipping. So help me on it..
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    My first antique find!

    I read you know you're a wetshaver when.... And the next day I went 'Antique shopping' oh how fun it was to tell my friend that. I'm 20.. I just went antique shopping. I don't know what I was looking for.. razor, maybe a brush. Came away with a stand. $22, it was 30% off... So $15! Only the...
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    Depressing Packing List

    So my recruiter just gave me a date to leave for Basic Training for the Air Force... It's not until August 31, but the packing list caught me off guard. Two items in particular: bag of disposable razor, shaving cream foam. I just bought two tubes of Proraso... I really like it. So, on the...