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  1. fistfullofbeer

    Scent vs Performance

    Do you guys sometimes use the lesser performing soaps over the better performing ones simply because of the scents? For example, to me, the tallow based soaps are better performers. They are slicker and better post-shave feel. However, the scents of some of the non-tallow soaps is much better...
  2. fistfullofbeer

    Complimentary Aftershaves for Pannacrema Nuavia soaps

    Since they don't produce their own aftershaves (yet), I was wondering what aftershaves folks here used with them. My main area of interests are the Blu, Verde and Nera but would also like to know what works with the Rossa. The smells of these soaps is pretty complex (to me) and it would be...
  3. fistfullofbeer

    Paladin questions/help

    I have been looking at their brushes for a few months now and am interested but was hoping folks here could offer some input. How often does Paladin release new brushes? While I like the brushes on their site right now, I feel like the 28mm could be too big for me. The biggest knot I have...
  4. fistfullofbeer

    Stirling Bay Rum

    I hadn't used any Bay Rum products till today. Started with the Stirling soap and then after the DFS+ blood-free shave, I used the AS. Holy crap ... the first 30 seconds were intense. It was warm. Bordering on hot. Scent is awesome and this is going to be a great winter Soap + AS combination...
  5. fistfullofbeer

    GEM PFTE: Longevity

    Anyone here struggle with getting extended use from these blades. To me it seems like 4 and pretty much done. I could potentially even bin them after 3 uses. I should add that most of my DE blades are 1-3 uses with the exception of the Personna Med Prep I am using that has seen 4 uses (longest...
  6. fistfullofbeer

    How to use menthol with aftershave?

    I recently purchased a Declaration Grooming Original Aftershave to match my soap. It came with a small plastic bottle labeled menthol. I am not sure how exactly that is to be used? Do I just dump the menthol into the AS bottle? Thanks.
  7. fistfullofbeer

    Different soaps, same bases but different performance?

    Is this to be expected? Or more out of the ordinary. I am basically looking at my Barrister and Mann soaps, Seville and Lavanille. Both in the Excelsior base. My Seville lathers a lot easier and stays 'wet' on my face for longer than the Lavanille does.
  8. fistfullofbeer

    Timeless Tuesdays or Thursdays?

    I saw a lot of themed shaving days but did not see anything specific for Timeless. Is there something that exists already that I just missed or do we need to get one going? :D
  9. fistfullofbeer

    Brush stand help

    What Brush stands do you guys normally use? I have one but it is too narrow to fit even my 24 inch brushes. The brush opening in that stand is only 1inch...
  10. fistfullofbeer

    Connaught Shaving: Shipping prices

    I have noticed a big increase in their shipping costs over the last few months. I ordered a Schick Proline P-30 pack for £12 with shipping costs of £1.50 early April. I made another order for 100 GEM blades which was £12 and £3.20 shipping in May. I looked there today to see if they had...
  11. fistfullofbeer

    Help with Personna blades

    Is Personna Blue and Platinum the same? I see different vendors selling them with similar photos but want to make sure. Also, what is a good place to buy Personna Med Prep blades from? Thanks.
  12. fistfullofbeer

    Timeless Razor: Looking for some info

    While I am waitlisted for the Wolfman WR2 (just did so this week), I was thinking of maybe buying a Timeless 0.95 in Titanium. However, I am not sure if I should go with the Scalloped or Solid bar base plate? To be honest I am not big of OC plates and prefer Safety Bars but looking at pictures I...
  13. fistfullofbeer

    Lesson learned: When in doubt, switch the blade out (YMMV)

    With my 6th shave from my Blackland Sabre I have been to the point where I went from sublime first 2 shaves to really average-to-poor shaves on the last 3. I used the same Personna GEM PFTE blades for all 6 shaves. I got to the point where I was tempted to talk to Shane at Blackland and see if...
  14. fistfullofbeer

    Thoughts after first shave with MdC

    I have read a lot of rave reviews about the MdC and was curious about trying it out. I went out and bought the samples from Maggard for Argumes and Original. Currently trying out the Original so am giving my thoughts on that. Scent: Different. I could really not associate it with anything...
  15. fistfullofbeer

    Multiple razors: Different expectations

    A lot of folks here have multiple razors. I am fairly certaion some of them shave closer than the others. Whereas some are more smooth. Some may require 3 passes to achieve the same shave as others that require 4 passes. However, they may also require more attention to shave than a relaxed...
  16. fistfullofbeer

    Soap longevity, care and storage

    I only have 5 soaps which are probably far fewer than a lot of folks here but am curious about how to store them to help with their longevity. I have no idea if the artisan shaving soaps have shelf life after they are opened or not but would want to increase that duration if possible. What I...
  17. fistfullofbeer

    Struggling with OC plates

    I am not sure why but between all the razors I have bought in the last 3 months or so, the only one I really struggle with is the ATT SE2. I have bought: ATT SE1/SE2 Blackland Vector Blackland Sabre L1/L2 Rockwell 6S I do realize that the ATT SE2 is the only open comb one in this list above...
  18. fistfullofbeer

    How much difference can a brush make?

    I recently got into wet shaving and have spent some money getting new soaps, brushes and razors. I spent money on good soaps and razors but the brushes I have are 2 Yaqi brushes (one synthetic and one badger) both of which were around $30. Its not that I don't think a brush is important, I just...
  19. fistfullofbeer

    Time to change blade (SE)?

    How do you folks know that it is time to change a blade? I have normally just tossed my DE blades (Feather being the only one I have used) after 2 uses. Now that I am using AC's that are more expensive, I would hope to get more use out of them. Reading only it looks like most people can use...
  20. fistfullofbeer

    Favorite soap and aftershave combos

    Fairly new to artisan soaps and am enjoying experimenting with them (4 so far) and the aftershaves. Was curious about what peoples favorite combinations are with the soap and aftershave (splash or balm). I will go first with my limited experience. B&M Seville soap and AS.