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  1. Latherdude

    Razorock Essential Oil of Lime Shaving Soap

    $3.53 with free shipping! [emoji50] https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B00E9H8ZDY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_S-6.EbTS6M7JE I bought one and waited to receive it before posting. I was worried that the picture showed the older style label that I remembered from a decade ago. What I received appears to indeed...
  2. Latherdude

    Beard and Blade Questions

    I suspect at least part of the reason why you got better shaves from the subsequent blades may have been because you had more experience with your safety razor and wet shaving in general. As others have said above, lathering and shaving technique are essential. Having said that, not all shave...
  3. Latherdude

    Shavette Newbie , advice required

    Tried it again today with Dreadnought preshave oil and their matching shaving cream, and snapped a red Personna in half to load into my Parker SRX. I focused intently on blade angle (almost flat) and just lifting the cream off of my face, and not feeling concerned about the whiskers. It was a...
  4. Latherdude

    Shavette Newbie , advice required

    This thread has been quite informative. I must ask, why the wet lather as opposed to a thicker, dryer one?
  5. Latherdude

    SE SOTD- What was your tool of choice today?

    Schick injector. Short handle (bakelite?)
  6. Latherdude

    Can balms go bad?

    Yep. Had to toss out the rest of my AOS unscented balm today as it just stunk. Thankfully I determined this without actually applying it to my face. This illustrates the value of avoiding acquisition disorders!
  7. Latherdude

    What Aftershave did you use today?

    Proraso sandalwood splash. Love that stuff
  8. Latherdude

    What Was Your Cream Today?

    Musgo Real spiced citrus...might be allergic to something in it; my neck was super red after my third and final pass, but my aftershave splash didn’t burn like it was a bad shave. Will try again soon and see what happens.
  9. Latherdude

    SOTD "FREE WEEK" June 15th - June 21st, 2020

    Pre: Proraso white (green tea & oat) Cream: Musgo Real spiced citrus Brush: Omega 11048 Razor: Schick Injector Blade: Schick AS: Proraso red (sandalwood splash)
  10. Latherdude

    Hello, my name is ctbjdm and I am an addict...

    Welcome! Beware of Collect ‘Em All Syndrome!
  11. Latherdude

    What happened to Kiss My Face?

    Hi all, You can buy direct from their website: https://www.kissmyface.com/search?q=shave&type=product I used to have their Lavender and Shea cream many years ago and I quite enjoyed it. I believe I mostly bowl-lathered it, and two or three pumps did the trick. It required more than the...
  12. Latherdude

    What Was Your Cream Today?

    Proraso Red (Sandalwood) from the tube. My first shave with the Red line! This stuff is intense and really lingers! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Latherdude

    veteran shavers: what was your first razor and what do you use now?

    Started with a Merkur 34C, now I have a 37C slant bar, a Fatboy, a red tip Super Speed, an Atra, and an injector with a custom handle.
  14. Latherdude

    The first cut is the deepest.

    After joining this forum and diving into DE wet shaving, I learned that the reason I used to be an "every three days" shaver like you was because I was doing it so completely wrong! I used to just get my face wet with cold water, pile on some canned shaving gel and then use a 3- or 4-blade...
  15. Latherdude

    pre shave guard

    That's a question you'd be better equipped to answer than us :) It depends on a lot of variables, like the products in question and the nature of your skin and beard. Some people love pre-shave oils, others find them unnecessary or even detrimental to their shave. Common complaints among...
  16. Latherdude

    The real shaving company classic vs the real shaving company

    I used their classic line a while back. It's pretty cheap and lathers quite easily, and has a light but not unpleasant aroma with notes of tea tree. Something in it seemed to irritate my skin, so I had to stop using it. YMMV, as always.
  17. Latherdude

    AHA! I understand! (adjusting Slim setting while shaving)

    Fascinating. I, too, have only ever dialed down on subsequent passes, but I'll have to try dialing up with my fatboy sometime.
  18. Latherdude

    Osage Rub

    Was this a double-reverse autocorrect non-delete, or is there actually a product called Osage Orange? I'm not being snarky, as I've been "autoincorrected" many times, but if there's an orange-y version of Osage Rub then I just might need to order a dozen. However, I couldn't find any "Osage...
  19. Latherdude

    Custom injector handle?

    He sprayed some outdoor semi-gloss varnish on the handle to protect it from this. I'll wipe it down after each use as I do with the outside of my shaving soap bowl pictured above. I haven't had any trouble with that one, so hopefully this one will hold up the same.