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  1. Deuser

    Pasted Paddle

    About to recieve a pasted paddle with .25 and .5 diamond spray on pressed hard felt. Using it to touch up my razor that is starting to tug a little. How many laps should I do on each side? Thanks
  2. Deuser

    Bare minimal set up - Spydercos?

    Hi all, Sorry there have been quite a few post like this one but I have not been quite able to find the info that I wa looking for. My edge has started to dull so hence I am posting in the hones section. I really want to be self sufficient with my honing and want to give it a go. I know some...
  3. Deuser

    Noob wanting Pasted Strop

    Thinking of putting together a diamond paste hone from this; http://shop.thewellshavedgentleman.com/product.sc;jsessionid=E0B3B1A96462A12D5D0A90B1A82E74E8.qscstrfrnt05?productId=124&categoryId=1 A few questions - I have never honed before so I thought this wuld be the easiest/quickest way...
  4. Deuser


    As the heading suggests I am having a problems ATG. Not really problems but more that I don't know what do do. I can currently get a two pass WTG CCS/DFS with BBS in patches. I am happy bearing in mind that I feel while learning I may have dulled the edge but would like to start getting BBS...
  5. Deuser

    First Pass with Straight closer than DE?

    Have been shaving with a straight for about 3 weeks now and am really getting the hang of this. I shaved with a DE first for about a year and think I have noticed that a single FIRST WTG pass with a straight will take off more hair and is therefore closer than the corressponding FIRST pass of a...
  6. Deuser

    number of laps

    Got a Filly strop and dovo best quality razor. Roughly how many laps is enough/the optimun. Also is a lap to the top and then back? Thanks
  7. Deuser

    First shave feedback and questions

    Hi all, After trawling through the straight section for weeks I finally plucked up the courage to take the plunge. I bought a Dovo Best Quality 5/8 and a filly strop. The strop hasn't arriveso can't go onto shave 2 before it does. The razor was 'Shave ready'. So I basically only had the...
  8. Deuser

    Newbie needing strop

    As the tittle says, I am just about to start and therefore need to order a beginner strop. I have done a lot of reading and realise I should get something cheap as I am likely to nick it. I see that the Fily from Ruprazor or a practice stop that you can order with a tony miller are good options...
  9. Deuser


    Hi all, Sorry if this has been mentioned before. I just posting about safety, regarding shaving with a straight razor. I am looking to start but am reluctant due to stories of people cutting themselves badly. I accept that weepers and small nicks are bound to happen, and this is no problem, but...
  10. Deuser

    Soaking the brush

    I have been looking for ways to save time and I was wondering whether you can just submerge the whole brush in the sink (mine sinks), rather than soaking the brush in a mug? Will this harm the handle (my brush has a plastic handle)? Does anyone do this? Thanks
  11. Deuser

    Shaving on the move

    I know there are a lot of threads on shaving while travelling but I couldn't find answers for all my questions 1) Does anyone bowl lather while travelling and if so what bowl/tye of bowl do they use. ( I just can;t get thick enough lather when I face lather) 2) What are shaving mugs - and...
  12. Deuser

    Submerging (badger) brush totally in water??

    Hi I see Manic leaves his whole brush in the sink to soak in some of his videos rather than leaving it ina cup like most other tutorials I have seen. Is dunking you whole brush in the water (submerged) bad for the inside of the brush - so should you just submerge the brisles in a cup with the...
  13. Deuser


    I know there are many threads on barbicide but I have not been able to find answers to all my questions... 1) Does it have a use by date/will the concentrated form in the bottle work the same in 5 years time? 2) How do you actually use it to clean a razor? - Hve a rough idea but can you...
  14. Deuser

    Face lathering disaster

    I tried face lathering today as I have read that many people on this forum prefer this way of lathering. There must be some sense in this as many people swear by it. So today I tried = :mad: I was using MWF and an Edwin Jagger 'Best' badger brush. I usually get great lather from MWF despite...
  15. Deuser

    Different Fatboys

    Hi... Newbie here just wondering what the difference here is between Fatboys from different years... Any preferences?? Thanks
  16. Deuser

    A few questions from a new user...

    Hi I have been shaving with a DE for about 2 weeks now and already it feels as if my technique has improved 100 times. However, I have a few questions... 1) During the course of my shave my shaving cream dries my lips out, would it help if I used a more moisurising soap such as Mitchells...