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  1. speedwell

    Rocnel SE-G (Stainless)

    I've had this razor for about a year and was wondering what others have experienced. While I liked it initially, my fondness wore off, and it was relegated to a minor role in my rotation. For me it's expensive, difficult to load/align and a mediocre performer. While I'm not entirely unhappy...
  2. speedwell

    Brush overloading vs. Re-lathering

    In my never ending quest to find the best lather possible with every soap, cream and croap that I use - something that came up for me recently is whether brush "overloading" or "re-lathering" is a better strategy for obtaining the best lather. While I used to be fine with overloading the brush...
  3. speedwell

    Badger and Blade Awards?

    What ever happened to the Badger and Blade awards - I can't find anything for 2016 or 2017?
  4. speedwell

    Musgo Soap - Lathering

    I'm finally getting a consistent lather with my Musgo after two years of selective attempts. I've always loved the scent but the lather performance was inconsistent at best. For whatever reason, an aging, well soaked and fairly wet horse brush combined with prolonged loading and extensive face...
  5. speedwell

    Brushes and Pre-shave Oil

    Does anyone use PSO regularly without any detrimental impact on your brush(s)? I've dabbled over the last couple of years with some PSO (Musgo) and strongly suspect it of "coating" a couple of my brushes. When I did use it, I used very little at a time (4 drops rubbed between my hands for my...
  6. speedwell

    Boar vs. Horse

    I have both but am interested in other members' thoughts. Do you have an overall preference and under what, if any, circumstances do you use one over the other.
  7. speedwell

    Musgo Lather Troubles

    I've had a puck of Musgo Real for about a year, during which time I've used it maybe half a dozen times. It worked reasonably well, providing a soothing irritation free shave, but it was never a great latherer. I set it aside and have now decided to revisit it. As is my habit, once I start in...
  8. speedwell

    Merkur 34C Redux

    Over the years, I've been fortunate to collect a fair share of razors. Each was a carefully considered purchase, made to either experience something new or provide for something lacking in my shave experience. The very first DE that I bought for myself was a Merkur 34C. Sadly, over the years...
  9. speedwell

    RazoRock P160 Issue

    I recently received a sample of RazoRock P160 and tried it for the first time yesterday. While the scent and the performance were fine, I had a heck of a time with the water solubility of the soft soap. Not knowing what to expect, I settled on a silver tip brush and opted for a bowl lather...
  10. speedwell

    Question for ikon experts

    I recently acquired an iKon DLC slant with a limited edition handle. Can anyone tell me how many different "generations" of iKon slants have been produced and how I can tell which one I have? I've heard about the blade set issue with the initially released version and how it was corrected with...
  11. speedwell

    Back on the CART

    In going through my shave bin - I came across a 4 pack of Fusion power blades and travel sized can of Edge gel. Not being the type to discard perfectly good products, I tracked down the Fusion handle (not in the shave bin) and decided to work them into my shave routine until everything was used...
  12. speedwell

    Cuba in December

    Heading to Cuba in December. Does anyone have experience with it? If so please share your likes, dislikes, food/rum/cigar tips and anything else you might like to share.
  13. speedwell

    What's Your Favorite Slant?

    For those of you who use slants - what's your favorite and why?
  14. speedwell

    WTB - Gillette Fatboy

    Looking for a properly functioning Fatboy with minimal to no surface blemishes. Also willing to trade for it.
  15. speedwell

    Old Soap?

    Has anyone had an old soap dry out or be otherwise unsuitable for its intended purpose and if so what did you do?
  16. speedwell

    Badger Brush - Dry Before Next Shave?

    Here's a question that's just come up for me that I wanted to solicit fellow members opinions on. I'm fortunate to have quite a few brushes in many different hair types. My current regular rotation includes a Silvertip that I have been using more or less every day for the past couple of weeks...
  17. speedwell

    My next DE Razor - Help Me Choose

    It's that time of year again for me. Back in the market for another DE razor. I've bought and sold or gifted a few over the years but right now I have a Merkur 34C, Progress, Mergress, '13 R41. I will probably sell or donate the Progress since the Mergress is the same thing but better IMHO...
  18. speedwell

    Who taught you to use a DE razor and how

    When I was a young lad, my father asked me if I knew how to shave. I had watched him and my grandfather many times, so I thought I did, and told him so. Handing me his Fatboy, he asked me to show him. So I splashed some water on my face, lathered up from his puck and eagerly commenced with my...
  19. speedwell

    WTB/*** Walbusch B5

    Seeking Walbusch B5 razor. Willing to buy or trade for. Please PM me.
  20. speedwell

    28 Days with an R41

    I recently returned home after twenty eight days divided between a work trip and some much needed vacation time. On a lark, I packed an R41 ('13 version with an Ikon bulldog handle) as my one and only for the month. While it's a regular in my rotation, prior to this trip, a week (normally...