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  1. orchestrion

    Heads up: Spiegelau glassware on clearance at JC Penney/JC Penney Home Store!

    This past weekend I was at the JC Penney Home Store and found tons of glassware on clearance. My specific store had nearly every style of Spiegelau beer glassware (including those crazy IPA glasses) as well as Libbey beer glass sets on clearance for 50-70% percent off. Spiegelau wine glasses...
  2. orchestrion

    Samuel Adams to start canning Boston Lager and Summer Ale.

    Reading this reminded me of the thread a while back about bottles vs. cans. It seemed an overwhelming majority preferred bottles and some went as far as to say that cans affect the taste of the beer. Although the vessel doesn't matter to me when I'm having a beer at home or at a restaurant/bar...
  3. orchestrion

    PIF: Hair You Go Pt. 2

    Good evening gentlemen. Years ago, rickboone1 had a PIF for a bunch of different pomades and hair waxes. I was lucky enough to receive the PIF package and since then I've been experimenting with a good number of pomades. Some have worked, some haven't. I figured it was time to pass some of the...
  4. orchestrion

    Writing Challenge: Win a bottle of Benevolent Badger Blue! DECIDE THE WINNER HERE!

    It appears that one hour turned into a few hours, proving once again that I am not as reliable as I make myself out to be. I'm making a new thread since I'm also not as good with vBulletin as I thought I was either! In case you have no idea what this poll is about, refer to this thread and see...
  5. orchestrion

    Writing Challenge: Win a bottle of Benevolent Badger Blue! Details inside.

    Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. As the title says, I want to challenge the denizens of The Nib to do some writing. I enjoy writing--be it jotting my thoughts down in a journal or writing short pieces influenced by what I'm reading or how I'm feeling at the time. For me, writing is a way to...
  6. orchestrion

    Wikipedia Blackout PIF: A Scene from History

    Good afternoon, gentlemen. I just recently became a Steward here in The Nib and wanted to do something to drum up a bit of interest. This idea came to me this morning. Since Wikipedia is down in protest of SOPA, I thought I would present a little PIF that will be just a bit more difficult...
  7. orchestrion

    Entry-level watch recommendation

    Good evening/afternoon, guys. I'm looking to get myself a quality entry-level watch. I don't know a whole lot about watches apart from what I've read here. The only watches I've ever really worn were cheap athletic watches from Walmart/Target when I was away at summer camp years ago. I've...
  8. orchestrion

    Picture tutorial: How to "tune" a Hero 616 fountain pen

    Greetings! I've put this little tutorial together in an effort to help some of you better understand both the inner workings and the nuances of maintaining and using a Hero 616 fountain pen. With just a little bit of work, these pens can really shine. Let's get started! PART I: INTRODUCTION...
  9. orchestrion

    Let's talk about pen cases.

    Does anyone have a dedicated case for holding his/her pens? While I was in school I just clipped them into the pen slots in my backpack/carried them in my pockets. I have a pipe rack on my desk that I use to hold my pens when I'm home. As my collection grows larger and more expensive I've...
  10. orchestrion

    Welcome to The Nib: A PIF

    As I'm sure many of you are, I'm very excited to see a new section of the forum dedicated to writing instruments and paraphernalia. To help kick things off, I want to offer up a modest PIF in hopes of getting more people interested in fountain pens and writing with them. *Mods: If it's too...
  11. orchestrion

    What's the best stone to get rid of small chips?

    Greetings everyone! I'm finally about to purchase my first set of hones. So far I've got a Chosera 1k, Norton 4k/8k, and a Chinese 12k on my list. I'm also debating whether or not to buy a DMT 325 to lap everything. My next question, however, is about getting rid of small chips. Over the last...
  12. orchestrion

    Spanish Floïd with a new label?

    Now I'm the last guy who would want to start or contribute to any fear mongering over something as simple as a shaving product, so I want to make clear that I'm creating this thread out of curiosity. I just got a package from Vintage Scent a few minutes ago which contained La Toja and Floïd...
  13. orchestrion

    Is your shave den lacking?

    I might be able to help you out. :whistling:
  14. orchestrion

    1,000th post aftershave PIF: A sampling of my den.

    Here's the deal, guys. I've been a member of this place for about a year and a half now. I've been here for a while, but I only like to post if I feel like I'm contributing to whatever thread I'm reading. So here we are: a year and a half later I've finally made my 1,000th post. I wanted to plan...
  15. orchestrion

    What do you use to preserve and protect your blades/scales?

    Some people swear by Tuf-Glide. Others by Renaissance Wax. Even others by less common oils and protectants. I'm looking to use straights on a more regular basis this summer and I'm wondering what people prefer to keep their blades and scales looking great and staying that way. What do you prefer...
  16. orchestrion

    What did you major in? How much does it apply to your career?

    I'll start this thread off by giving some background. I'm currently a freshman in college majoring in business. The school I'm going to has a business school that's ranked in the top 20 business schools in the country. I was lucky enough to have been offered direct admission to the school rather...
  17. orchestrion

    Check this out.

    I scored this a couple months ago and haven't gotten around to posting it until now. I got it for a very good price. I've only seen this stuff posted a few times on here. I have a somewhat limited amount of knowledge on this stuff. What do you guys know?
  18. orchestrion

    Cold Steel?

    I recently saw someone on B&B compare a knife (a Boker I think) to a Cold Steel knife. I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with Cold Steel knives. I'm not interested in buying one so I'm not asking for reviews so much as I'm just wanting to satisfy my curiosity. Are Cold Steel...
  19. orchestrion

    Ever seen anything like this?

    About a month ago I picked this up at an antique store. It was simply labeled "Gillette set." I don't know if this was a standalone item or if it's part of a travel set. What do you guys think?
  20. orchestrion

    Post your aftershave stashes!

    I know this seems like a bit of a rip off of the Post your shave dens! topic in The Darkroom. I thought it would be nice to share what you're using the most of and what you like best. :thumbup1: My Alt Innsbruck from Phil at Bullgoose arrived today. I ordered a sample of it a long time ago and...