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  1. Joejitsu

    Floid Blue, It's all true!

    ​Finally ordered Floid Blue AS from Italian Barber before Joe's vacation. It arrived Thursday and I tried it this morning. (Great service by Joe BTW). Product reviews and everything good I read about this product on B&B is true. The mentholated scent is wonderfully intoxicating, the...
  2. Joejitsu

    My First New Recruit

    OK, I have been extolling the wonders of DE shaving at work since I have discovered this wonderful method of shaving several months ago. A friend and colleague thought I was nuts when I would arrive in the office stroking my face and saying what a wonderful close shave I had this morning using...
  3. Joejitsu

    SWMBO says, What do you want for Fathers Day?

    Being a relative newbie and having some wet shaving equipment already, SWMBO said "What kind of shaving stuff do you want for Father Day?" Not being one to press my luck, I requested perhaps I would like to try a boar bristle brush (I have a Vulfix 2235 Super Badger) and some soap (I have used...
  4. Joejitsu

    New DE Shaver checking in from NY - My Wet Shaving Epiphany

    Hi All- New DE shaver checking in from NY. I have been lurking and DE shaving for about 6 weeks. My story starts by me trying to stretch my Gillette Mach 3 Turbo blade for 2 weeks and watching the "moisturizing aloe" bar turn white. Refusing to pay full bust out retail I ordered M3 Turbo...