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  1. Abz88

    Rust, Tarnish, Plate Loss?

    Finally got round to cleaning up a couple of vintage razors I've bought (1958 TV Special and Wilkinson Sword Sticky). They cleaned up fairly well with dish soap and Cif foam (UK version of Scrubbt Bubbles) but there are a few spots I am not sure about and would appreciate some advice/opinions on...
  2. Abz88

    Free Truefitt & Hill pre-shave oil (usually £22)

    Truefitt & Hill currently have an offer on whereby you get a free bottle of their pre-shave oil when you buy two items from their summer collection. The collection includes two tubes of their creams (West Indian Limes and Almond) as well as some of their brushes, mugs, razors and a lot of...
  3. Abz88

    Has anyone tried The Goodfellas' Smile Wild Hod brush?

    Even though I've just bought a Mondial an Omega 50014 I seem to always be on the look out for my next brush and came across The Wild Hog from The Goodfellas' Smile. Spec wise it looks identical to the Proraso Omega apart from a different handle and the Goodfellas' is cheaper. Its listed as "Made...
  4. Abz88

    Gillette 1958 TV Special Superspeed confirmation and query

    Just took receipt of a Gillette 1958 TV Special purchased from Ebay. It was described as a Superspeed TV Special Rhodium Plated. Everything adds up to it being a TV Special (it has the correct handle knurling), however, on receipt I've realised its made in USA (I should have spotted this in the...
  5. Abz88

    L'Occitane Cade Shaving Cream back on the UK site.

    For any Brits that are fans of the L'Occitane Cade Shaving Cream, that's it back on the UK site (listed a "New") and available to purchase. https://uk.loccitane.com/cade-rich-shaving-cream,83,1,29810,1479150.htm#s=29969
  6. Abz88

    Penhaligon's Summer Sale (up to 50% off)

    Penhaligon's have a Summer Sale on just with up to 50% off certain products (including fragrances, aftershave splash and shaving creams). It would also be appreciated if anyone can comment on their two shaving creams before I make a blind purchase...
  7. Abz88

    Penhaligon's Endymion and Blenheim Bouquet Shaving Creams?

    Just had an ad pop up on Facebook for the Penhaligon's sale and noticed it includes the Endymion Shaving Cream (£19 down from £28) and Blenheim Bouquet Shaving Cream (£15 down from £28) and wondered what the general consensus on these were? Are they any good/worth the money in terms of...
  8. Abz88

    Current L'Occitane Shaving Brush

    From reading older threads it was Plisson that used to make the L'Occitane Cade brushes. Does anyone know who makes the current ones? Is it still Plisson? https://uk.loccitane.com/shaving-brush,83,1,29810,1479142.htm
  9. Abz88

    How to load a sample?

    Just received an order of sample soaps and creams and they are all in little sample pots (pictured with a razor blade pack for reference). What's the best way to load these for shaving (I bowl lather with a synthetic normal)? I'm assuming for cream just scoop a small amount out, but not sure...
  10. Abz88

    King C Gillette UK launch

    I've seen posts about this being available in the states, but that's the King C DE razor now also available in the UK . The razor comes with 5 King C blades and is priced at £20. Replacement blades in a lack of 10 for £5. It's not a bad looking razor, not sure what the quality will be like...
  11. Abz88

    Jack Black UK website just launched - 20% off until 26th May

    For any Brits that use or have thought about using Jack Black products, they have just launched their UK website and are offering 20% off everything until the 26th May as well as three free samples with all orders.
  12. Abz88

    Touch ups between passes?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering what peoples thoughts are on touch ups between passes? As I get to know my beard map and change the angle of my shave to be actually ATG and XTG (my neck hair grows in a South East direction apart from the very sides of my neck that grow upwards) I am noticing that...
  13. Abz88

    Gillette's latest and greatest expensive gimmick

    Just had an advert pop up on Facebook for the latest Gillette product... For a mere £215, you can get the feeling of a hot towel shave with a heated Fusion (?). Replacement blade cartridges start at a very reasonable £5.75 per cartridge... Even people that enjoy shaving with a cartridge...
  14. Abz88

    Royal Warrant branding outside of the UK

    Most UK posters will be aware of Royal Warrants, companies that supply goods and services to the British Royal Household (either to the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and/or the Prince of Wales (you can have a different Royal Warrant awarded by each one)). This enables companies like Kent Brushes...
  15. Abz88

    Thoughts on dive watch complications

    Hi all, Just read a thread about dive watch recommendations and it has reminded me of a bit of a pet hate I have with dive watch compilations and I wondered if I am alone in this? I get that most people don't dive with a dive watch anymore and use computers (I am firmly in the computer camp)...
  16. Abz88

    Newbie query on Wilkinson Sword Blades

    Newly converted to DE shaving (week 2) and I have a question on Wilkinson Sword Blades that I am hoping someone can help with. I bought an Edwin Jagger DE86 which came with a feather blade and I got a free pack of Blue Beards revenge blades from the seller. Having read that feathers are very...
  17. Abz88

    Newbie to forum and DE shaving

    Hi Everyone, Newbie checking-in after, 31 and just starting on my DE journey (this is week two). I am currently having to work from home due to Covid-19 and thought I would try to learn a new skill. I have therefore started to learn to shave with a DE razor (I was previously shaving with an...