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  1. Dawsub

    20 Euro Hoilday shave haul

    Just got back from 2 weeks in Tuscany ,with my annual shave haul .This year I spent a measly 20 Euro's to keep me going for another year :001_tt2: Soap : 3 Euros Pre shave : 7 Euros Balm : 9 Euros Cut healer : 79 cents
  2. Dawsub

    My bumper Xmas haul

    Since my return to DE shaving I have been meticulous in the products i have been aquiring over the last 12 months . SWMBO was obviously noticing my new grooming regime ,and as a result Christmas morning was a joy of Manliness bounty :w00t: The Inventory i recieved as follows , Old Spice gift set...
  3. Dawsub

    Shaving in a hurry routine , what's yours ??

    What's yours ? Sometimes I dont get the luxury of a good 30 minutes to relax and get my smooth on . From running late to get to somewhere ,or a quick emergency shave to look nice and smooth .We all have these scenarios down the line .Recently I have had a few, and come up with a quick and easy...
  4. Dawsub

    Not bad for a freebie

    A few months back I Ebayed myself 200 Derby blades , with the blades came a free tube of Derby lavender Cream . I used it for the 1st time this morning and was pretty impressed with the suds i whipped up with it in my bowl :001_smile . Just to add the Lavender scent was pretty weak , but the...
  5. Dawsub

    Unexpected and pleasantly surprised

    Last week I started a thread looking for ideas on what safety razor to buy for my Mrs .I was finding it hard to get my hands on a Lady Gillette ,so an alternative was my only option . A few members suggested getting a Lord L6 Egyptian safety razor , so i went on the hunt . I saw one on E-bay...
  6. Dawsub

    I'm Looking for a DE razor for Her

    I am looking for ideas for a DE razor for my other half . Lady Gillette's seem to be the way to go ,however I am finding it near impossible to get my hands on one . Can anyone recommend me something else for my good lady :001_smile
  7. Dawsub

    Tabac Soap newbie

    I am about to try my 1st soap , and after ploughing through a ton of threads and posts on B&B, I have E-bayed myself a bowl of Tabac :001_smile. I hope to have it by tomorrow to give it a go , by then i will have a nice 2 days growth i can unleash it's soapy latheryness on . I have been using...
  8. Dawsub

    Hall of fame entry

    Username: Dawsub What is your real name? Damien What are your nicknames/aliases? Daw Where do you live? Newmilns What is your age (or) generation? 40 What are you in the real world? Motor trade What is your favorite shave setup? Parker 90r,Derby blades,proraso pre &...
  9. Dawsub

    Time to upgrade

    After using the same non descript Boar brush for 26 years ( gifted with my 1st razor when i was a lad ) It's time to upgrade to something a little better . I really like the boar brush I have been using ,it has served me well :closedeye . Reading through B&B i have taken a fancy for an Omega...
  10. Dawsub

    Noob Checking in

    Hi , I switched to a DE last year for economical reasons ,I bought a Wilkinson classic to get me started .Once it broke I got myself a Parker 90r and really like it :001_smile . After a bit of experimenting over the last 6 months ,I have settled for a shaving regime using Proraso pre & post...