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  1. ercy

    Merkur 37C vs Razorock German 37 Slant Aggresiveness

    Hello Gents, Could anyone compare them, especially their aggressiveness, or both of them are exactly the same? I had a RR German but i really did not like it much then sold it. Maybe i needed more shaves with it. I love the design of Merkur's HD handle. If 37C shaves a little milder than RR...
  2. ercy

    Reiser Safety Razor Blades... Does anybody know about it?

    I bought it from a local shop. Ten Blades in a box. Made in Germany. I just shaved with Merkur Progress. I have found it very comfortable. I search in the net but i could not found any information. Vintage or not ?
  3. ercy

    Cyril R. Salters Creams. Help to choose

    I am considering to purchase one of them. Could you explain the scents and performance? Fresh mint sounds better. I also like citrus and lime scents ,too. I will not buy all the trio :) I have too many soaps and creams. Which one would you get and why? Thank you gentlemen.
  4. ercy

    Hello from Turkey (Turkiye )

    My name is Mustafa Ercan. I live in Turkey, in a small city Yalova closed to Istanbul. I am 39 years old. I am a physical education teacher in a high school. I am also a basketball coach. I have been active in this community about a year. I have been shaving in traditional ways for 2 years...
  5. ercy

    Best Soap Choices For Summer Months

    I am keen to hear your choices and advices for summer months. Mines are:
  6. ercy

    The English Shaving Company

    Offers "Free Worldwide Shipping" Could anybody share a discount code for this site?
  7. ercy

    lkon shavecraft 101

    Hello guys, I have been in traditional shaving for 8 months. I started with wilkinson sword classic then i purchased rimei and the last i got a merkur progress. I like all. But i am not happy with progress looking. I saw ikons. They are too expensive but what good looking razors! Shavecraft 101...