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  1. threevok

    Pirate Jokes (especially the corny ones)

    What is a pirate's favorite lobbying organization? A.A.R.P.
  2. threevok

    Clams never help one another.

    They're shellfish.
  3. threevok

    It's the End of the World As We Know It

    We're a band of survivors in an apocalyptic setting. How would the person above you contribute to or hamper the group? There may be zombies, and insults.
  4. threevok

    Another bad day.

    I really need to start keeping the toothpaste and Preparation-H in separate drawers.
  5. threevok

    I'm reading an autobiography about this guy who lives forever

    I'm not even halfway done yet.
  6. threevok

    Two planks were sitting on a dock

    One said to the other, "I'm board".
  7. threevok

    I hollered, "Don't look, Ethel!"

    But it was too late. She'd already been mooned.
  8. threevok

    New Restaurant Called "The Library"

    A new restaurant opened in the Sky Ute Casino last week. A couple of dine and dashers tried to make reservations but they were booked.
  9. threevok

    Shout Out For Gout

    Starting my 3rd month of gout in my toe next to my big toe. Feel like I've lost half my summer. I think it's the Xarelto I'm taking for the bilateral pulmonary embolism I enjoyed in July. Anyone else?
  10. threevok

    In The Year 2525

    If man is still alive If woman can survive They may find: (Insert your witty comment here)
  11. threevok

    Well, I Didn't Die.

    Thought I was having a heart attack Monday. Went to the ER and have blood clots in both legs and lungs. No fun but could be worse. Anyone else?
  12. threevok

    Life is hard

    The toilet paper roll in a our bathroom hangs right over the heat vent. It makes the paper super dry and uncomfy. How is your life hard?
  13. threevok

    10 Cloverfield Lane

    Didn't see that ending coming.
  14. threevok

    I'm Never Sick

    Except now. Day 4 of fever. Work deadline on Friday. I'm not complaining since I'm never sick. I'm more just whining.
  15. threevok

    I Don't Love My Gillette 40s Super Speed

    Don't hate me, I keep trying but I just can't get a close, comfortable shave. For example, I used a Voskhod Friday morning. Had a few weepers and remaining stubble under my chin as usual with the SS. This Sunday morning I put the same blade in my Parker Variant setting 2 and had a BBS shave with...
  16. threevok

    Arko Cool

    Man I dig this scent. I have the aftershave lotion in a glass bottle that I got from Amazon in set; never have seen it anywhere else. I also have the aftershave cream which is thick and has a strong scent. Just put on the aftershave balm which also has a strong scent and I have a tube of Cool...
  17. threevok

    Pharmapacks Decent Pricing

    These guys seem to have good prices on some of the stuff we use. I ordered the following items with $3.98 shipping. Free shipping for $49+ orders. I've been jonesing for some Williams but couldn't find it locally and internet prices make it no fun. $.97 a puck seems like a bargain. Decent...
  18. threevok

    Baker's Dozen - Corrupt a T.V. Series Edition

    Just what we needed, another time vortex. A beloved T.V. series takes a turn for the worse: 1. The Andy Grifter Show
  19. threevok

    Looking for camera that takes blurry pictures

    I have some razors I'd like to sell on eBay and I need a camera that takes blurry pictures so the blemishes are hidden. It's an art I guess.