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  1. Deuser

    Review by '' on item 'Edwin Jagger Handmade Medium Super Badger Brush'

    Fantastic brush that works great with both soaps and creams. Excellent value for money!
  2. Deuser

    Review by '' on item 'EJ Best Badger -- Jack of all trades, master of some.'

    Great all round brush. It was my first brush and I would definitely recommend it to others looking for their first badger brush.
  3. Deuser

    Review by '' on item 'La Toja shaving cream'

    Great product and if you can find it in Spain in a shop it is really cheap so no reason not to try!!
  4. Deuser

    Review by '' on item 'Derby Extra - DE Razor Blades'

    Great all round blade that I would recommend for everyone to try!
  5. Deuser

    Review by '' on item 'Feather DE razor blades'

    Great blade - just be prepared to concentrate! Only reason I don't shave with them every day is the price.
  6. Deuser

    Review by '' on item 'Personna Israeli "Red Pack"'

    The only blade I shave with. Best quality blade for this money. If your looking for convenience this is it!!!
  7. Deuser

    Review by '' on item 'Crabtree & Evelyn Nomad'

    Good quality product. A bit pricey but no complaints in how it worked!
  8. Deuser

    Review by '' on item 'Kent/Mitchell's Wool Fat (MWF)'

    I have the MWF version. Really like the soap but the smells not great (not too bad though either). Lathering is hard at first until you get the hang of it. The bowl is expensive (but is very nice) and the puck was resonably priced. Would recommend.
  9. Deuser

    Review by '' on item 'Palmolive soap stick'

    Poor scent - smells cheap but doesn't linger. Quite hard to get the hang of it but I found that with all shave sticks. Price fantastic!!
  10. Deuser

    Review by '' on item 'Body Shop Maca Root Shave Cream'

    Good all round product. I like the smell and the fact that it is not overpowering. Works well and like the packaging. My only problem with it is the price. I paid £5 for one of the 125ml tubes which I though was a bit on the steep side.
  11. Deuser

    Review by '' on item 'Merkur HD'

    Simple no frills razor that does what it is designed to do. Would recommend to anyone especially someone who got into wetshaving for the money saving factor. Could not really rate more highly!
  12. Deuser

    Pasted Paddle

    About to recieve a pasted paddle with .25 and .5 diamond spray on pressed hard felt. Using it to touch up my razor that is starting to tug a little. How many laps should I do on each side? Thanks
  13. Deuser

    1st strop - Filly

    Really like the filly - has been a great first strop! One quick question about it (sorry for butting into the thread) is that the Crox side is quite rough - can't this damage the edge when stroping? I've just sanded out all of the nicks on the main untreated side, and it sems a bit strange to be...
  14. Deuser

    Bare minimal set up - Spydercos?

    Thanks a lot for all the information. Not too keep on gettting a barbers hone as I would not now where to start. Still think the Spyderco UF would be a easy way of getting into honing even on a minimal set up. SliceofLife mentioned a coticule and while I'm tempted I've heard they are quite hard...
  15. Deuser

    Bare minimal set up - Spydercos?

    Hi all, Sorry there have been quite a few post like this one but I have not been quite able to find the info that I wa looking for. My edge has started to dull so hence I am posting in the hones section. I really want to be self sufficient with my honing and want to give it a go. I know some...
  16. Deuser


    Thanks guys for the help
  17. Deuser

    Noob wanting Pasted Strop

    Thinking of putting together a diamond paste hone from this; http://shop.thewellshavedgentleman.com/product.sc;jsessionid=E0B3B1A96462A12D5D0A90B1A82E74E8.qscstrfrnt05?productId=124&categoryId=1 A few questions - I have never honed before so I thought this wuld be the easiest/quickest way...
  18. Deuser


    As the heading suggests I am having a problems ATG. Not really problems but more that I don't know what do do. I can currently get a two pass WTG CCS/DFS with BBS in patches. I am happy bearing in mind that I feel while learning I may have dulled the edge but would like to start getting BBS...
  19. Deuser

    First Pass with Straight closer than DE?

    Have been shaving with a straight for about 3 weeks now and am really getting the hang of this. I shaved with a DE first for about a year and think I have noticed that a single FIRST WTG pass with a straight will take off more hair and is therefore closer than the corressponding FIRST pass of a...
  20. Deuser

    number of laps

    Got a Filly strop and dovo best quality razor. Roughly how many laps is enough/the optimun. Also is a lap to the top and then back? Thanks