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    Comparison of adjustable razors

    Comparison of adjustable razors (This research is preliminary. There will still be 2 razors and then there will be additions.) Participants: Rocnel ajustable sailor 2020, Gibbs 15, Gibbs 17, Apollo micron, Frank shaving, Parker variant, Merkur progress, Taiga SB. Methods of comparison: I tried...
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    Rocnel ajustable sailor 2020

    I was lucky enough to buy a ajustable 2020 model. The most technologically advanced and high-quality machine among all that I have seen and held in my hands.Some General conclusions: First of all, the advantages of a razor: 1. The quality of the instrument. Made very high quality High level of...
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    WTB Gillette Toggle and Fatboy

    I want to buy these two adjustable razors in good condition. With respect.