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    What's your Favorite Wheat Beer?

    It's a shame Redback has changed since the good old days. Used to be a fine drop. http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/1480/3892 Did you find this at Central Market? I got to meet (at CM) Jerry from Unibroue recently. Great guy. Picked up a bottle of Grand Reserve.
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    surfers unite.

    Stumbled on this recently. He takes amazing photos. http://www.aquabumps.com/
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    Stroll down Jermyn St.

    I lived there for two years before heading Stateside. So glad I didn't know about DE shaving back then. I miss sunny London - my dirty old town.
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    AOS shaving cream is "thick" and hard to whip into lather

    Send it my way for proper disposal. Jim's advice about a little water to both your latte cup and bowl is on the money. I also find AoS Sandalwood a little harder than Trumper's to lather.
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    Good audiophile headphones for mobile use

    For earbuds I love the Bose MIE2i's. Super comfortable vs Apple ones - you could wear them all day. I haven't even touched the new earphones I got with my iPhone 5. The Bose buds provide great sound for $100. The Beats were too bassy for me.
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    I love Papa Johns.

    Jerry Jones from the Dallas Cowgirls (and that's dallascowboys.com and not cowboys.com) has an ownership stake in PJ's ... take that for what it's worth. Best pizza in DFW is Piggie Pies.
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    Like visiting a long-lost friend.

    Agreed. Smooth sharp cut free shave.
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    iPhone 5 thread?

    Along the same lines: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMsLArefSOw
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    iPhone 5 thread?

    Liking mine so far. Nice to have Siri after not having it previously. Some of the Apple stores have the Lightning cables in stock (in reference to posts several pages back).
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    Newbie in Texas.

    Glad you've tried some different blades. Derby's are OK with me but are love or hate (mostly the latter) around here. Welcome to B&B fellow Texan.
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    Moving in with my girlfriend?

    Congratulations. Our anniversary was a couple of weeks ago. We went out for dinner and during our main course a gent from another table tapped his glass and said said sorry for the interruption (it was a small restaurant - only 12 or so tables) but he'd like to wish his wife happy anniversary...
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    My futur attacked me!

    Might be time for my EJ DE89 to have a rest and drag the beast out of the drawer for a shave.
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    FUTUR settings

    My Futur is having a rest while I'm using my EJ DE89. I had it set on 4 from memory. Nice smooth shave and no complaints. Bit hard under the nose but a good shaver.
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    pitching a tent

    Jeff's info is sound advice. We have a Coleman too. It's supposedly a 4 person but is more a 2 person with room for gear.
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    One handle short of a seven day UFO set!

    Mate your shaving collection is impressive.
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    looking for an alternative to derby extra

    Derbys are love or hate around here. Good suggestion above for Personna Reds from WCS. I'm liking Gillette Silver Blues at the moment but they are more expensive than Reds. Both give smooth shaves with little irritation or cuts for me.
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    iPhone 5 thread?

    Got mine at lunch today. It's very nice. Instructions are all in Japanese, so that is very helpful.
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    PIF 46 89 252bl

    I'd love to be in. You have a lot of blades I'd love to try. Thanks for your very generous offer.
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    Gentlemen with '0' Restraint (and like it)

    The BST and Shopping & Deals pages are my faves. Who can resist a good deal?
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    Lemon scent