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    Amazon and Texas

    Hopefully every Texan is purchasing everything they need at Amazon this week because from 1 July you can add 8.25% sales tax to your order.
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    Newbie PIF - Art of Shaving Unscented Shaving Kit

    Hi newbies I have one of the unscented versions to pass along: http://www.amazon.com/The-Art-Shaving-Elements-Starter/dp/B001UTR0WG How do you win it? Easy - post up a funny joke (usual rules - keep it clean etc) and the one that makes me laugh the most will win. Under 50 posts please. I'll...
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    Another razor?

    I'm looking for some help regarding another razor. It's pay day after all. I've got a Futur which I love. I was wondering what other razors I should try. Appreciate your comments in advance. Thanks Nanna
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    There's nothing better

    Than opening a fresh new tub of Trumper's Sandalwood shaving cream. Kick start my olfactory nerve. I know Sandalwood is a love or hate smell but for me it's the former.
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    Same brush every day or buy another and rotate them?

    Newbie question. I use an AoS brush every day. Rinse the crap out of it after every use (Mon - Fri inclusive). Is one meant to have more than one brush and rotate them? If so what's a good brush to add for around the $50 mark? Thank you.
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    Gillette SS Razors

    I did a search before posting and came up dry, so apologies if this post is a dead horse. Are the Gillette Super Speed razors from your year of birth worth buying? If so what should one pay? Are they usable?
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    Wine fridge

    Hopefully I'm in the right sub-forum. I'd like to get one but after reading some horrific reviews on BB&B I thought I'd ask the experts. Mostly red wine. Only needs to hold 20-30. Look forward to recommendations.
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    There had to be a better way

    G'day - I'm nannanhill from TX. That's a long story in itself. But this is B&B not Lonely Planet. After using Gillette cartridge razors and their nasty blue gel I thought there had to be a better way. So I bought a shaving kit from Art of Shaving and had a shave there a couple of years ago. Was...