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  1. WetShaveVet

    Love for Harry's and Defender razors?

    Never used carts till after 9/11 when they sensibly decided that carrying on a DE was a no-no. Since then I have found that Sensor Excels work the best for me.
  2. WetShaveVet

    John Saxon has died.

    The quintessential bad guy. Thank you for the entertainment. RIP.
  3. WetShaveVet

    razorock LUPO

    It’s the Covid delays and it runs both ways. My orders from US suppliers now take ages. Before Covid is was barely over a week. Now it is over two.
  4. WetShaveVet

    Razorock synthetic brushes..which one?

    I have been looking at the 400 for months. This pushed me over the edge.
  5. WetShaveVet

    Your Favourite RazoRock Splashes -GO

    Muddier Focker and Irish Countryside are both very nice and have some staying power.
  6. WetShaveVet

    Razorock synthetic brushes..which one?

    I hope you get some responses. I am thinking of doing the same for my first synthetic.
  7. WetShaveVet

    Carbon Shaving Interview

    Great interview. You likely have your new Carbon Shaving razor by now. I love mine. What do you think of yours?
  8. WetShaveVet

    Lamy 2000 of Pilot VP

    I am a lefty and the VP does not work for me. Love a picture of a seriously used fountain pen though. For L2K nib options check out an seller called missing-pen on the bay. No affiliation but he has been a jewel to deal with and L2K nib swaps are a snap.
  9. WetShaveVet

    Why CONUS Only?

    I have bought many items of the years, fountain pens and more recently razors where the item was listed as CONUS only. When I contacted the seller and offered to pay the difference To Canada (America’s Hat indeed. Then you’re our underwear) in all but one occasion we were able to make a deal and...
  10. WetShaveVet

    Anyone else lucky enough to live near a store that carries shave gear?

    I will echo that but they have me started on creams now and I am really enjoying them. They are great guys too.
  11. WetShaveVet

    My thread was deleted without any notice.

    Too bad. Would have been interesting.
  12. WetShaveVet

    Calypso Blue Aluminum Razor

    Ah, it is from you. Never mind. Still looks really good.
  13. WetShaveVet

    Calypso Blue Aluminum Razor

    That does look sharp! Have you used it yet?
  14. WetShaveVet

    Did you regret selling your first DE Razor?

    Yup, did the same thing. My millennial daughters have since given me an education in posted reviews.
  15. WetShaveVet

    Neutrogena men's shave line...any good?

    The shave cream is ok. Certainly good enough to get when you have done a crap Job of packing your kit for travel.
  16. WetShaveVet

    Did you regret selling your first DE Razor?

    Keep it. You will never regret it.
  17. WetShaveVet

    How many blood-free shaves in a row?

    Oh man, has to be 90 to 100. Now to be fair I have been at this for 40 years, I shave every single day and none of my razors are of the crazy aggressive type.
  18. WetShaveVet

    RIP Carl Reiner

    I grew up running home from school for lunch to watch The Flintstones and the Dick Van Dyke Show which he created of course. When he appeared as Alan Brady he was brilliant.
  19. WetShaveVet

    Happy Canada Day

    Happy Canada Day to all and envying the Southern Ontario weather. +17C here in Calgary today. Slogging around in the swamp that is my backyard after endless rain in June.
  20. WetShaveVet

    Most Overrated and Underrated razors in your collection?

    Agree spookmeister on the Karve and I’m Canadian. I really wanted to like it. Also agree on the Krona. Grab one of these before everyone figures it out.