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  1. Leo501

    Recommendations for good electric clippers for buzz cut

    I'm currently using an old Remington beard trimmer to cut my hair (not yet ready to go back to a barber with Covid numbers rising once again. The clippers are too small to give myself a fairly easy buzz cut so I'd like to upgrade to something more appropriate. Any recommendations? Something...
  2. Leo501

    Signature Scents List

    The following list is from an article on the website Boss Hunting. I thought it'd be fun to share "The Signature Scents for 14 of History's Finest Men" (their choices, not mine LOL), and maybe spark some comments and frag ideas for us all. I'm planning to purchase the 2 Caswell-Massey scents...
  3. Leo501

    Walgreens & fragrances

    What's up with Walgreens? I thought I'd be able to walk in and pick up some small cologne bottles (Cool Water, Nautica) for around $20. Only a few things in their stock was priced around $30, and the rest didn't seem much cheaper (Polo, CK Obsession) than department store prices. Was I thinking...
  4. Leo501

    Occam's Razor priced @ 50% off - what is it like?

    I'd like to have a SE in my den. Tried OneBlade Core and didn't care for it. For those with experience, where does the Occam's fall on the mild-aggressive scale? I see that there are 3 heads and I'd probably use the mild one, but know that all things are relative. Also, how is it for shaving...
  5. Leo501

    TJ Maxx and its sister stores

    Curious...now that these places are back open in some or most areas, how are you finding their inventories? Well stocked with variety? Slim pickings? Somewhere in between?
  6. Leo501

    Small artisans and creams

    This post stems from another post I answered. Why aren't small artisan shave creams widely available? If they are, please point me in their direction. Is it the nature/science of the small batch soap making process? Preservatives? Cost of making vs. price they think they can charge? I'd love...
  7. Leo501

    Clubman owners/lovers - how many varieties are in your den right now?

    After years of mostly using unscented AS, in 12/19 I bought my first bottle of Clubman Pinaud and love it. This week I picked up Virgin Island Bay Rum. Direct from the bottle I thought it smells like Rum, but a few test drops on my wrist last night revealed loads of cinnamon, like a stick of...
  8. Leo501

    The other Brut scents

    Has anyone used Brut scents other than the Classic? I see that they have Brut Musk, Sport, Attraction Totale, and more. Curious as to what they're like, if I should pull the trigger on Amazon?
  9. Leo501

    Proraso croap - using as hand or body soap?

    Okay, I've reached the point where I know I just don't like Proraso croap, and I'll stick with their creams. Other than PIF or trade, has anyone decided to use it as hand soap or body/bath soap, maybe slicing it down into usable pieces? It's awful soft, so it would have to be in a ventilated...
  10. Leo501

    What scented aftershave & fragrance (cologne, EdT...) did you combine today?

    There's a post about pairing soaps and aftershaves that gets daily responses. I'm also interested in what colognes we pair with our aftershaves, particularly if they are different and not part of a set that is carried all the way through. I thought this section would be the best place to ask. I...
  11. Leo501

    Clubman Talc...and a shave brush

    After years of not using it (going back to maybe my early 20's), I'm thinking about picking up some Clubman Talc, especially for summer's heat and humidity. I've been to a few barbers who would apply it directly to a brush and then sweep the neck, vs. directly applying it to the neck, and I...
  12. Leo501

    Clubman promo alert

    Saw this on FaceBook and it's on the Clubman website- 25% off of shave, aftershave, and beard products, offer ends 6/21
  13. Leo501

    Tubes or Tubs

    Do you have any preference for your creams in a tube or a tub? So far both my creams- Proraso Green and GFT Spanish Leather -are in tubes. I think my next one I'll try to make it in a tub, maybe TOBS, of I'll buy a tub of GFT 63 in the Fall. I do like the simplicity and precision of using the...
  14. Leo501

    FT Truefitt & Hill Grafton cologne

    For trade- USA mainland only- Truefitt & Hill Grafton cologne - I purchased after reading a review describing it as a "barbershop" scent. For my personal taste the notes are too strong in the citrus/green department. After several hours it does dry down to a softer note. Good scent strength and...
  15. Leo501

    casual cologne/EdTs - the feelings we associate with scents

    I rarely dress up or do special occasion days/nights. And I also will wear cologne when just around the house. What are some of your favorite casual fragrances? I suppose my bias is leaning toward light & earthy, fruity, etc. Yesterday, Lacoste Blanc just felt better and more appropriate than...
  16. Leo501

    My preference for creams

    I'm in my 5th month of DE/wet shaving and have 7 soap products (1 stick, 2 creams, 4 soaps/croaps). It's now clear to me that creams are at the top of the performance list for me- Proraso Green and Geo F Trumper Spanish Leather. Anyone else share my preference for creams over...
  17. Leo501

    Naked Pucks

    When you put a puck that doesn't come in its own container, like Ogallala, into a shaving mug, do you cover it or do you just leave it open?
  18. Leo501

    A Journal of A Thousand Miles

    The first step of my journal journey begins today, about 4 months into my DE/wetshave adventure, and several weeks into the Covid-19 pandemic. My latest experiment involves finding the sweet spot for how many days to go between shaves. First off, I've never shaved every day because my skin is...
  19. Leo501

    Pairing drugstore AS with cologne

    For those of you who add cologne to your routine, what do you like to pair with some drugstore aftershaves below, or your favorite popular AS that doesn't have a matching cologne: Aqua Velva Clubman Pinaud Skin Bracer Gillette Cool Wave Afta I don't wear cologne much, especially in the winter...
  20. Leo501

    Proraso users- any preference regarding tub or tube?

    Proraso Red tub was one of my first shave soaps and I really enjoy it. When I expanded I decided to try the Green tube. I've found that I love the cream the most, and will probably stick to the cream for future purchases. Can't wait to try the Red tube, and the Blue. Proraso fans- do you have a...