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    a tale of 3 zimmerli boxers

    I bought 3 zimmerli boxers at different times. I'm attaching pictures of two of them. First, none of them say "Made in Switzerland". Second, they were all worn and washed the same way, and yet there is a difference in how the material at the leg openings have wrinkled -- from none to very bad...
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    rotating soaps

    I'm a one soap/cream/blade guy. If I buy a new soap/cream/blade and l like it better than what I'm currently using, I stop using the current one. If I don't like it, the new one goes on BST immediately. So, you guys who rotate -- how do you convince yourself to keep the lesser ones around and...
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    FS antica barbieria colla shaving cream used approx 5 times - $40

    After all the rave reviews of ABC shaving cream, I decided to give it a try. I used it about 5 times and decided it is not for me. (I find slickness and cushion is lacking compared to MdC, my regular soap.) I tossed the fancy packaging, so all I have is the jar. Picture shows exactly how it...
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    antica barbieria colla capsicum and menthol lotion

    I recently ordered ABC's shave cream and they sent me a sample of their capsicum and menthol lotion. I incorrectly thought it was an aftershave lotion and used it as such. Amazing scent. Now that I look it up on their website, I see it's actually a hair lotion...
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    modern razors that copy Gillette's designs?

    Are there any modern razors that have copied the Gillette Old Type or Gillette Tech? I like the thin heads on those razors. The AS-D2 that I'm using looks close to the Tech, but the bar looks a bit thicker.
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    antica barbieria colla (ABC) first time use comments

    I have been using MdC for the last 2 years and have been quite happy with it. But seeing all the rave reviews of ABC, I decided to buy one and give it a try. I ordered directly with the ABC store along with their almond shampoo. Ordered June 20. Shipped June 23. Arrived July 1. I shaved with...
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    Bank ATM rant

    What is it with ATMs nowadays? The notes come out without all being aligned the same way. Today, I got a $20 bill all patched up with tape. I took it into the bank and asked them to replace it and they refused to do it because I didn't have an account with them. Seriously? There used to be...
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    what's happening with traditional boxer shorts underwear?

    Are traditional boxer shorts underwear going the way of DE shaving? For many years now, I've been buying these at my local Macy's store. Over the years, I've been finding fewer and fewer options and with whatever is available, the quality seems to be slowly going down. A really long time ago...
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    art of shaving synthetic brushes

    My local AoS has synthetic brushes -- a black synthetic and a white synthetic. They looked very similar to synthetics from Muhle. The black one was $60 in an acrylic handle. The white one was $180 or so in a metal handle. Those were the only two they had. I don't see them on the AoS...
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    MdC package change -- which do you prefer?

    Today I got my new MdC original. They now have new packaging for both the box and the jar. I much prefer the older, understated design, without any indication of the scent on the packaging, other than a slight color variation in the label. Which do you prefer? New is on the left, old is on...
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    gillette platinum plus

    I came across these blades when searching for Gillette Platinums. So I decided to order some and they came in today. I plan to give it a try tomorrow. They are made in Brazil. I think the Sensor Excel 3 blades that I used to use prior to becoming a DE user were also made in Brazil. Have...
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    acqua di parma or antica barbieria colla?

    I want to get opinions on which one is better, especially if you have tried both. I'm trying to decide which luxury shave cream to get next. With AdP, it looks like they have at least changed the packaging to a yellow jar that appears to be plastic. Does anyone have the yellow one? Can you...
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    how long does a jar of MdC last with daily use?

    I bought one last September and I'm barely 50% through it. I wasn't regular initially, but since April, I've been using it daily. It looks like it could go at least another 6 months. I'm almost bored with it (unscented), but I don't want to buy something else without finishing it.
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    questions for those have used/tried ADP

    How do you load the cream? Remove a bit and work with that, or load the brush directly from the tub? If you have used MdC can you compare the two in terms of slickness and cushion?
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    luxury wallets

    Do you carry a luxury wallet? I came across wallets from brands like Louis Vuitton (upwards of $400) and Hermes (upwards of $1000). Where I live, it's quite common to find women sporting LV purses. Is it common for men to buy expensive wallets? My current wallet (a big skinny bifold) runs...
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    St. James of London Synthetic brush

    Any idea who makes this brush for SJOL? If I had to guess, I'd say it was Muhle. Is it a good buy? Synthetic Brush - Synthetic Brushes - Shave Brushes - Hardware - St. James of London I was thinking of getting one for my dad. The last one I got him was the Plisson Synthetic. Unfortunately...
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    MdC soap envelope

    MdC has invented a new way to provide samples. I saw these envelopes, available in 6 scents, on their website and couldn't figure out what they were so I sent them a note and they got back with the following response. Looks like a cool way to sample their soaps except that shipping, even for...
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    cartridge razors

    Is this the correct place to talk about cartridge razors? Has anyone tried this one: https://gillette.com/en-us/skinguardsample
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    is this brush too worn?

    Is this brush too worn? Should I be looking at a new brush?
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    proraso pouch package

    I wonder who came up with idea of the proraso pouch package. It stands out as the single ugliest ever package for a shaving cream and should be given an award for that. It reminds me of pouches that are used to hold IV fluids in hospitals. Attaching one for reference. Thanks for listening...