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    A Very Scary Shaving Lesson

    I have a couple of times gotten light headed... It's usually been because either I didn't eat breakfast, or because I locked my knees. If I just take a quick break and relather, I'm usually fine.
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    Incompetent store owners

    I had much the same experience at a local C&E. They apparently don't get many wetshavers, so when I came in, not only did I get an unused sample brush and shave puck, but I got to show the employees how to properly use the equipment they were selling. It's the same thing where I work. If we...
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    Comic Books

    The Watchmen, of course, and Kingdom Come, but my favorite was Transmetropolitan. I love Warren Ellis' writing, and the art was very good.
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    Smoke Eater

    Lampe Berger alcohol lamps do work extremely well. It's simply a lamp that is lit then blown out, and kind of smolders with a hot catalyst stone. The were used as one of the first methods of surgical antiseptic measures, as they also kill about 60 % of germs in the air.
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    Need opinions on a new shave cream for my husband.

    I would recommend checking the reviews section of the website, along with doing searches through the forums for any feedback on certain brands. A LOT of the opinion is simply based on personal taste, so I would center toward things you know he likes. If he prefers more masculine scents...
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    What do you do for work?

    I'm a Mac Specialist at my local Apple Store. I like my job at lot.:biggrin:
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    Lets see your mug - AKA what do YOU look like.

    That one in the background is one of two I intend to reshape into men's hats... it shouldn't be too hard, I hope. I have a total of 8 non-baseball-style hats, that I wear every day I don't go to work.
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    Lets see your mug - AKA what do YOU look like.

    Taken just a few minutes ago. Lighting ain't the best, but it's the only pic I have of me.
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    Good idea to let cream sit on face for a little while?

    Soap or cream, it dries out my face... I can't do it.
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    New Apple iMac

    After actually getting to type on the keyboard, I find that looks are very deceiving. It actually feels quite substantial, since it is mostly aluminum, and the keys feel great under my fingers. The hardware specs may not look like they are as high as a PC's, but remember that a lot more of that...
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    P.C. Just Keeps Getting Weirder and Weirder

    Easy. What good is that liberty to the poor when they are stuck in the tyranny of ignorance? If there are only private schools, then many people cannot afford the education, or would squander the tax break on themselves rather than thinking of their child. Education is one space that the...
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    P.C. Just Keeps Getting Weirder and Weirder

    Snopes makes the world a better place. Frankly, I would prefer the clause gone because it does smack of religious endorsement, but there are much more important things to fight about right now. When we get personal rights back, and a slew of other things done, then, maybe, I'll actually care...
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    injector revisited

    I love my injector, but I can't do all four passes with it. I have to switch razors to my Tech to get a comfortable shave. I have a injector from the same time frame, and it either: a) is too aggressive, or b) the CVS blades are not sharp enough. While it might help, I don't like ordering things...
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    P.C. Just Keeps Getting Weirder and Weirder

    Please check the veracity of things before posting. This is not true. http://www.snopes.com/politics/business/undergod.asp
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    What is French Milled Soap.... exactly....

    Hate to say it... but that's an old urban legend. http://www.snopes.com/business/origins/ivory.asp
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    Shaving with more than one razor?

    I start with my injector on the first two passes, and switch to the Tech for the last two. I can put sharper blades on my Tech, and it works better for the atg pass and touchup. The injector seems to work better in the first passes though. I think this is because of the stiffness of the single edge.
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    Super Lather Combos Scents

    Yesterday I used C&E Sandalwood soap plus my T&H Limes... What a wonderful combination!
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    How Much Time to Shave

    About 25 minutes: 4 passes w/ touchup.
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    Acquisitions Monday July 23 - Sunday July 29

    Saturday, I managed to snag some Sandlewood soap from C&E. This stuff is so good!!
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    what is a "pass"

    Sounds like you're overshaving. One pass consists of one stroke over each area of the face. Try not to make multiple strokes without relathering in between to avoid irritation.