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  1. Ridpath

    Suggestions for soothing balm/aftershave.

    Apologies if this has already been asked a billion before. Could someone please recommend a soothing aftershave to use in order to calm irritated skin after a shave? I don’t mind scents, but I would prefer a weakly scented aftershave or an unscented aftershave if possible. I’ve never used...
  2. Ridpath

    Review: the Blackland Tradere (pre-launch)

    Hi everybody, this is my review of the (new) Tradere by Blackland. For those that don’t know, the Tradere is a storied razor, initially released in the early 2010s and was produced in extremely limited quantities. The razor had a reputation for being very well constructed and for an amazing...
  3. Ridpath

    Discount on all badger brushes at Exec Shaving

    Executive Shaving from Glasgow have been trying to clear their stock of badger brushes, in a bid to move toward synthetics. I think it was connected to animal rights or something like that, there was something on YouTube about it. They’re offering 30% off all the badger brushes they have in...
  4. Ridpath

    Simpson’s different brushes and their distinctions

    For those of you that own multiple Simpsons, what are the differences between the models that Simpson makes (eg the Chubby v the Duke etc)? From what I can tell, the difference is largely in handle design - some seem designed for head lathering, while some are easier to lather in a bowl with...
  5. Ridpath

    Knot size - large or small?

    In my time as a wet shaver, I’ve pretty much only used the one brush I had, a small boar brush, maybe 19mm knot. Only recently I obtained my first badger brush and that was a 21/22mm knot. In terms of building lather, I couldn’t see any advantage to having a larger knot - when loading the...
  6. Ridpath

    Things to look out for when buying used

    This forum has been the worst for comfort shoppers. Just one week of returning and I’ve been tempted into buying either a Rex Ambassador or a Timeless. However, the problem is that they’re quite pricey instruments, and I don’t like reselling anything once I’ve bought it - hence I’ve decided to...
  7. Ridpath

    Lurker finally crawling out from under the rock

    Greetings one and all, been a long time browser of these boards over the past few years and decided to finally make an account. Bit about myself: live across the pond in not-so-great Britain. Been a wet DE razor shaver ever since I had a moustache or beard to shave, although I didn’t really...