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    Sir Irish Moos

    Does anyone still use it with all the other great soaps out there. I have two unused sticks that I bought before they stopped producing, but can’t bring myself to use them as I don’t want to see them go.
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    Been wet shaving for about 9 years now and finally tried my first FB that I purchased from a member on here. Can’t believe I’ve missed out as man this thing is nice. Had been coated by North Shore razors so not only does it look stunnin, but it’s shaves amazing. I haven’t tried it, but I’m...
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    GEM Razors

    For all you EverReady folks that use GEM blades which razor would you recommend for a first timer. I gotta admit my best shaves ever we’re with a OB V1 that I no longer own. It seemed the forgiveness of that thing matches the the GEM blade was a match made in heaven. That’s why I’m wanting...
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    WTB OneBlade V1

    If you have one please let me know.
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    Looking to purchase a Vector or a General V2. If you have one and would like to part with it let me know.
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    Wanting to acquire a few more DE razors

    Before Christmas. Will be entering the sabbatical and would like a few more razors besides my Gillette Red Tip and OB Genesis. I love the red tip, but am wondering if there are smoother shavers out there. I usually paid it with an ASTRA SP or GSB and while it shaves great I’m just curious if...
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    Does anyone have a source for acquiring Myrsol in the plastic bottles to refill the glass bottles? I know G&C used to sell the huge plastic bottle for a great price, but they no longer ship to the states😕
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    3017 a brick of Cella

    Here goes my attempt at a 3017. I have had this brick for to long now, but today I finally opened it up and went to town. The rest is securely stored in ziploc bags in the fridge. I’ll try and keep a running tab of how long it last. I shave about 2-3 times a week. Also, I’ll take a break...
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    Black Friday Deals

    Does anyone know of any coming up? Mainly curious to see if Colonial or Blackland will be having one; eyeing a General V2 or a Vector.
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    La Toja

    Does anyone else love this little shave stick. Here lately I’ve been going back to basics using a Gillette Red tip, a Big Bruce synthetic and LaToja shave stick. The little thing is really impressive. I really wants to make me sell off everything else I have and just use it along with maybe...
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    General V2

    Has anyone seen a review of this OM YouTube? Probably going to get one anyway, but odd that I haven’t been able to find one. There also used to be a young black man posting videos using the V1, but oddly can’t find his either.
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    Hello all, I have recently gotten back into the swing of wet shaving after a little hiatus. At one point I owned 3 OB V1 that I used with GEM blades and loved. They gave me literally the best shaved ever. However, one was broken by my daughter and the other two have somehow disappeared...
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    Thater Synthetic

    Has anyone tried the Thater synthetics? I mainly use the RR Big Brucewhile occasionally using my Envy TBSW tuxedo Synthetic. Curious to see if anyone has tried them or have any opinions on them.
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    OneBlade V2 and Gem

    Due to certain circumstances after owning two V1 of these razors that accepted the GEM blade I now own none. So since I had a V2 I decided to try a GEM blade in it since it was my go to in the V1. Seems the V2 shaved fine one shave, but the second shave I noticed the blade slipping in and...
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    Summer soaps

    I know this has been discussed before but I’m seeing if there are any new opinions out there. What’s you’re best cooling summer soaps by Artisians? I love the line that Peter Charkalis has, but unfortunately none of his soaps work are what I’m seeing when it’s 105 degrees in Texas or where I’m...
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    WTB ENVY Shave

    Synthetic brushes. If you have any that are just sitting around hit me up and let’s work something out. I have the 8ball brush and the BIG SHAVE WEST one from a few years ago, but wanting more especially the ones I saw he made for Pauesters Pharmay a while back.
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    Wolf Whiskers color schemes

    Finally made to the list and got the email for a configuration. I have a handle in mind, but have no idea about the color schemes. Does anyone know where to find a page showing what the colors would look like that he list in his arsenal? I’ve searched google but it’s hit and miss and shows...
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    Citric acid

    Apparently this stuff is not for me. I have hard water and decided to try this trick after getting some of it from my mother in law last night. I flight have used way to much as I put a couple pinches into the sink and filled it with hot water and soaked my Duke 3 this morning. I then went to...
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    Thater 2 Band Silvertip 28mm

    Can someone describe the scritch if this brush. I recently acquired an Epsilon 2 band but it seems to just wreck my face. Not sure if the knot, but it lathers like a champ so I’m looking to see if there are any softer 2 band brushes out there.
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    Foam in lather

    What exactly causes foam or air bubbles in lather. It seems lots of times when I palm or do a test bowl lather that when I squeeze the brush out of lather and run it between my index and thumb and then pull it apart so to speak to see if it separates there is a foam look, instead of a solid...