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  1. Old Hippie

    FS Slants! iKon X3, PAA Bakelite Alpha Ecliptic

    Time to thin the herd a little. Up for sale we have two slant razors: 1. Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Oxblood Bakelite Alpha Ecliptic -- this is a Bakelite tilted slant, of the "humpback" style. Note that this is NOT the Bakelite Open Comb slant PAA sells. 2. iKon X3 -- this is a helical...
  2. Old Hippie

    Razor Design Considerations

    Cheers Lads'n'Lasses, I'm aware of the occasional post somewhere in this massive forum by creative folks like @romsitsa and @twhite who make razors. I'm sure there are others (I've seen older posts here and there). I'd like to learn more about razor design -- specifically for DE, Slant and SE...
  3. Old Hippie

    Arrgh! Where's That Handle?

    Brethren and Sistren, Somewhere on B&B within probably the last two weeks I saw a curvy stainless handle that had been knurled. I made a mental note of it but was looking for something else at the time. I can't remember now whether it was on the SE or DE forum! Ring any bells? O.H.
  4. Old Hippie

    FT Trade SE1&SE2 Heads for S1&S2 Heads

    Happy to trade straight up, each pays shipping, I'll toss in some AC blades (Feather Pro, Schick Proline) to go with them. Package deal only, please. O.H.
  5. Old Hippie

    FS One DE (PAA), One SE (MMCP)

    I'm offering the following razors for sale; note prices are in US$: Here is a PAA Aluminum Double Open-Comb, Twist-Adjustable razor. I bought it from another member, for a specific purpose, and then decided not to pursue the project. Perfectly fine razor, but I never used it. $40 plus...
  6. Old Hippie

    Definition of Terms

    I'm getting wrapped around a definition and need some help untangling things. That's the term we use to refer to changing the angle at which we hold the razor. I've seen people give the advice "steepen your angle" or "try a shallower angle." I know what the words mean, but the problem I'm...
  7. Old Hippie

    1912 OC mod?

    I'm darn sure I've read something about this -- I read every page of the SE forum over Xmas last year -- but I can't find it now. Ron's praise for his Damaskeene OC got me thinking. Coincidentally I have a 1912 here on the desk, getting ready to PIF it to a brother. So I looked at Ron's pic of...
  8. Old Hippie

    From SE1 to SE2...

    I've gone through a line of the "more affordable" vintage Gems, from a Damaskeene to an MMOC. While I like them and appreciate the sheer durability of what was a 50-cent razor 100 years ago that still shaves like a hot damn, with the exception of the MMOC I just don't get a decently close (head)...
  9. Old Hippie

    My Head is Toast!

    Smooth, smooth, buttery toast. :001_tongu In my continuing journey I have moved through regular DE and one of the several types of slants. This morning I stepped outside that fence and into the world of SE with a 1912 Gem that cost me all of $2.50. Part of a lot, actually -- two Gems and a...
  10. Old Hippie

    Gem Re-Sharpening

    So I got to wondering... Since I'm in a part of Canada where I can find NO SE blades except for box cutters, whether there was some option that appealed both to my "Scottish cheapness" and to my quirk for getting interactive with my tools. I found this thread after searching several ways...
  11. Old Hippie

    Better Shave This Morning

    To quote Valentine Michael Smith, "I am only an egg." But I'm learning! Kind of a plodding sort of learning, though, since A) I only shave my head and B) I only shave three times a week. But I had an interesting morning. I have (at present) a Merkur 38C. Elsewhere I've said that I went looking...