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  1. Luc

    What's your goto shave stick?

    I have one that I will use and review in the shave stick review project
  2. Luc

    Homemade Pepper sauce

    I highly recommend it. It’s a different game!
  3. Luc

    Homemade Pepper sauce

    I should probably post... I found, not too long ago, a small family-owned farm in Ontario that grow their own peppers and make hot sauce. I bought some, great stuff, love it. I will buy again for sure! Then, I had a recommendation on youtube to watch a how-to video on how to make hot sauce. I...
  4. Luc

    Shave Sticks Review Project

    For those who like shave stick (or not), I've created a poll, come and vote to see which product is most liked by the community. https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/whats-your-goto-shave-stick.591270/
  5. Luc

    What's your goto shave stick?

    Since I've started the Shave Stick Review Project, I try to review and find the ultimate shave stick. I have an opinion on what I like and dislike. However, what if those top shave sticks could be voted on by the community? It's very possible that my favourite shave stick isn't your and...
  6. Luc

    Shave Sticks Review Project

    Okay, 57 shaves with the Muhele shaving stick(all done, there's no more soap). My observations are: -The stick got stuck in the tube a few times. Maybe if I would use it once a week or once every few weeks, the soap would maybe dry (shrink) and it would be all right. I almost broke the twist...
  7. Luc

    Shave Sticks Review Project

    The shave stick is finished. Review and stats to come.
  8. Luc


    Very nice, thank you for the post and comments.
  9. Luc

    Muhle Sea Buckthorn

    For me, this works well. The lather isn’t fantastic but it’s not poor either. now, what does it mean? The lather is not not thin, it’s what you should expect with a shaving soap. I have medium-hard water. I have soaps that can produce a better lather. This one is not one of them. Is it worth...
  10. Luc

    Palmolive Shave Stick dries my face, but Cream doesnt

    Blasphemy!!! The shave stick could be grated but it will probably performs the same unless something changes on how you use the stick vs puck! Adding glycerin could help and/or more water. I do not have those issues.
  11. Luc

    Welcome the the GSL!

    Welcome back Tom!
  12. Luc

    Pinaud Clubman Lime Sec vs Pinaud Clubman Citrus Musk

    Well, I bought those two bottle last winter(it took me a while considering my post was in 2015). I have no advice other than stop looking at the specials(or regular priced stuff) and use what you already have. I had to move and seeing how much shaving gear I have made me realize that if I keep...
  13. Luc


    Great stuff for sure! I use the shave stick normally. I bought the puck with the dish last time. Can’t wait to use it!
  14. Luc

    Schick Injector Type N

    Nice score mate!
  15. Luc

    Aftershave...just because

    EdC is Eau de Cologne EdT is Eau de Toilette my understanding is to the concentration of the product https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/wiki/Fragrances
  16. Luc

    Hot sauce junkie

    Part 2 is starting today...
  17. Luc

    Hot sauce junkie

    The peppers took a spin in the vitamix! The result is good. I will make a milder sauce(for the morning).
  18. Luc

    Aftershave...just because

    I put some aftershave after a shower even if I don't shave. I usually shave every morning but sometimes, when I play outside, I have to jump in the shower after. In those cases, aftershave afterwards.
  19. Luc

    Shave Sticks Review Project

    Update #1 The product works really well. Well, it works like the puck. I used the puck before (Sea Buckthorn also) and I like the scent. Is this the best lather I've used ? No. Is it worth it? I would say yes. I will keep using it until I hit 30 days or I finish the product. I compared the...
  20. Luc

    Wiki Update

    Thanks Kevin!